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16 March 2012

{16march2012: Whistler - part 3}

So the main reason we went up to Whistler, so Jason could ride the bobsled at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

We got to the sliding center a bit early so we decided to walk around the area.

Darwin got to check out the skiers and snowboarders.

And walk down this wooden stair case.
Jason had to sit through a short introduction class so while he was inside I made Darwin a gold medal winner (minus the medal):
I put Darwin in the car while I went inside to see when it would be Jason's turn to ride. The professionals take 3 people down per bobsled (a 4 person bobsled) and Jason was with a couple in the 3rd bobsled. I hurried outside to the ring so I could snap a few pictures as they went around.
Luckily I was able to snap a few shots of they in the frame as they zipped by. (Jason's in the brown jacket in the back of the sled.)
As I was leaving the ring I noticed a sign that pets could be in there as long as they were on leash. So of course I had to bring Darwin in to see a bobsled! 
I had her stand near the railing for a few pictures and soon she could hear something coming... 
{what is that noise?}
{it sounds like it's getting louder}
{holy s$%* what the $@# was that?!}
I'm mean, I know. But it was funny. 
I walked her around in the ring a bit so she could calm down a bit before walking out to find Jason.
As we waited I got her to sit by a bobsled outside the visitors center.

It was almost 2pm by that point and Jason had a 1am flight to Singapore. So we quickly loaded back in the car and hoped for good traffic as we headed home. A quick weekend trip, but definitely worth it.

13 March 2012

{13march2012: Whistler - part 2}

Continuing on our walk...

Since we were in so much snow we had to have some snowball time.

(BTW, throwing a snowball and trying to take a picture at the same time is pretty tricky!)

I had Darwin pose for some pretty pictures as well.

We came across a short wooden bridge and Darwin LOVES crossing bridges, so she ran over, and when she saw we weren't following she ran right back.

Darwin figured out stopping in the snow isn't very easy and she came to a sliding stop, almost into me!

We ran Darwin in a few more loops before heading back to the cabin.

Jason and I had spa time, then came back for a late dinner.  Sunday was the big day Jason was looking forward to, so come back and check out how it went!

09 March 2012

{9march2012: Whistler - part 1}

After we found out the big news, Jason and I were talking about all the things we would miss and began thinking of weekend trips before we move. As we were talking Jason found out that the Olympic bobsled track in Whistler (used for the Vancouver Olympics) was open to the public and he really wanted to do that. Then right before we went to Belize, we were asked if we'd be willing to work in the Singapore office for a couple months as they are really busy and our office was pretty slow. We both wouldn't be able to go so Jason agreed to go. They wanted him to go the Monday (1am) after we got back from Belize, meaning he wouldn't be back til late April. That forced us to plan a quick weekend trip up to Whistler that same weekend we got back from Belize (we got back Thursday at 1am, and drove up to Whistler at 4pm Friday). Can I just say, EXHAUSTING. It didn't help that the weather as we drove up was awful, heavy rain and there was a lot of traffic leaving Seattle. Plus the road to Whistler from Vancouver is a windy and dark. I told Jason I felt like I was driving a street car racing course and I was losing (everyone was passing me). We finally made it up there at around 11pm Friday night (EXHAUSTING).
Jason had found a dog friendly resort that was very close to the village. It was a great location. After we unloaded the car we brought Darwin in and could finally relax. As we were checking things out I turned on the ceiling fan. It freaked Darwin out.

We think it was the shadows on the ceiling because we turned it on again in the morning and she could care less about it.
Saturday morning Jason had planned to go snowboarding, but he realized he'd rather spend the day with Darwin and I since he was leaving for so long. So we hung out a bit at the cabin, and Darwin checked out what was happening outside. (She wasn't a fan of the guy shoveling the sidewalks.)

I had noticed that there was a spa just up the road from the resort so we decided to get a massage. (If you're ever near a Scandinave Spa I'd highly recommend the splurge for a massage and a chance to relax in their thermal baths. So nice.) Of course being that we had JUST gotten back from Belize and were only half conscious when packing we neglected to bring swimming stuff. No worries though, we couldn't book a massage appointment til 745pm so that gave us time to head to Whistler Village to do a little shopping (a girl can never have too many bathing suits right?).

Of course we had to have refreshments...

(Seriously, why is poutine a Canadian thing? Fries, gravy, cheese. So good. Restaurants in the US need to get on that!)
After our quick shopping and eating break we picked up Darwin from the cabin and went on a little walk around the resort.

Of course the best way to get Darwin to run is to split up and call her back and forth.

to be continued...

02 February 2011

{01feb2011: horrifying}

Saw this article last night in the Seattle PI. I think it is the most horrifying/disturbing thing I've ever read. Just the title of it alone is shocking, "Sled dogs slaughtered due to slow tourism".  WTF?!
If you can stomach it, read the article... I'd warn against clicking to the Vancouver Sun article though as the details in it are sickening to read. 
On NPR this morning they mentioned the story and said the owner of the company, Outdoor Adventures, thought the worker was going to euthanize the dogs "humanely". I don't think there is a way to humanely "euthanize" 100 healthy dogs. HEALTHY! Hello! What this company did was murder. The employee now says he has PTSD and nightmares from what he did, but he did have a choice to say no. Sick sick sick. My first reaction was "I'm never going to Whistler again."  But it's not Whistler's fault they have a business owner with no heart. I hope charges are brought against the company, the owner and the employee who did this and I hope this company gets shut down immediately.
Ugh. I need to go home and hug Darwin.

**here's an NPR article too.