06 August 2011

{05aug2011: woo hoo}

Thanks for the comments on our last wordless Wednesday post. Many of you asked about the mustached fellow. On all my trips I bring along a new toy to come on our adventure.
My red velvet cupcake came to Peru:

Bert the owl and Paddie the pickle came to Cambodia:

I've had a stuffed corn in Indiana, pineapple Pete in Hawaii, and other friends join us on our trips. This time it was Macho Ninja's turn. 

Anyway, back to the post at hand. When Darwin was under a year old and we went to Marymoor Park, she used to always go in the water on hot summer days. And not just go in, but actually play in the water.
Winter came and went and the next summer she would not go in. No matter if it was HOT HOT HOT out she wouldn't do it. Fair enough to say that the entry into the water at Marymoor isn't ideal. It's not a gradual slope in, but rocks or steps.
Darwin doesn't seem to like going in on the steps. Not being able to really see the next step down freaks her out.
The other weekend I took Dar to the park and it was HOT out. Not rest of the country hot, but  mid 70's Seattle hot. On Saturday my friend Susan came to the park with us and I tried going down into the water (it's shallow enough that it only comes up to mid thigh) and Darwin spent the 15 minutes I was in there trying to lure her in, standing on the steps barking at me. No go.
Sunday Darwin and I went back to the park and it was hotter than the day before. I got in the water again and again she barked at me. Marymoor has 4-5 different entry points into the water so I got out and we walked around and tried what I thought would be and easier spot. I stood there for about 20 minutes, this time two other strangers on the steps with their dog tried to help coax Dar in. She got close at one point as I lured her with treats and she took one step into the water, but then quickly backed out. By then some of our other Dane friends showed up so we did a few laps around the park with them.
We got back to the waterhole and this time all the Danes went straight in the water (Sirus, Georgia, Phoenix and Archimedes) and Darwin stayed on the side. I got back in the water along with Phoenix and Archimedes' mom and the other owners stayed on the step. Darwin barked at first, but I think convinced by all her friends being in the water, built up the courage and got in!
Georgia and Archimedes
Darwin and Georgia
Darwin and Winston
Once in the water Darwin was fine, even happy to be in.
We haven't been back to the park in a couple weekends and it's supposed to be hot again this weekend. I'm hoping Darwin will remember how easy it was to get in last time and do it again without all the drama!


  1. the water sure looks refreshing. The first picture is funny
    Benny & Lily

  2. Good job Darwin!
    (I agree, underwater stairs are tricky.)

  3. That's such a good idea to bring a toy on your trips! I might have to do that on our next trip!

  4. Hi Darwin, you are very brave. I'm not sure if I would go in either. No worries, and love, Stella

  5. Hi Darwin, it's okay. Do it if you want to. And if you do, your mom's there to ensure that no harm will come to you.

  6. Mom just isn't sure what we'd do about water. I mean other than a b-a-t-h, which she knows all-too-well we regard as evil.

  7. Are the travel stuffies for Darwin or for mom's personal collection? It normally gives Danes confidence when they see other Danes doing something. Just seeing another [smaller] dog doing it doesn't count. If Darwin is alone the next time you go, don't count on her jumping in the water again.

    Jed & Abby

  8. Hurray for Darwin! :D I do the same thing. Well similar. If it's a gradual (shallow) slope in, I'm there in a heartbeat. Butt, if it's steps? No way Jose! Can't see how deep it is :S And that's just the way it is :)

    Thanks for the stuffy info and unraveling the mystery of the mustache dude! Too fun!

    Waggin at ya,

  9. i love that you do the stuffed friend photos. it's so cute and entertaining!

    i really want to try to get ollie back in the water. i think he was scared of the "waves" at the beach. i wish i had a pool to take him to. darwin looks like she had fun.