30 October 2010

{29oct2010: flashback Friday}

Looking back at some old pictures of Darwin, I found some funny ones that showed off her goofy personality.
This last one is kind of a NSFW, Mango flasher photo.
Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!

27 October 2010

{26oct2010: Slumber Party}

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Jason and I took a short trip to Hawaii for a friend's wedding.  While we were hanging out with friends and family, Darwin was doing the same.  She got to spend the whole weekend with her most favorite brother, Boo Radley!  Kristie was nice enough to send some pictures of their fun weekend.
They started off Wednesday running laps in the yard.

And had many rounds of bitey face.

By the Sunday Darwin was wiped out from all the action and was stiff and sore, so she spent a lot of time curled up on the bed.
And on Monday, she even got extra babying on the couch.
She had a blast spending the a few days with her brother.
Of course all that playtime took a toll on her as she probably overdid it playing nonstop, so since we've picked her up she's been a bit gimpy and stiff.  It's taken a week and she finally was up to taking a walk last night.  In the meantime she's been spending a lot of time curled up with Jason on the couch.
Such a baby.

26 October 2010

{25oct2010: winner winner chicken dinner!}

Our friends Augie and Ti at AugieDoggy had a Halloween contest last week.  I submitted a picture a picture of Darwin to compete against the many Goldens entered. 
The other weekend Jason and I took a quick trip back to Hawaii for my good friend's wedding.  While we were there I found this hula girl costume that could actually fit my big girl, so I HAD to get it.  Doesn't she look thrilled?
Anyway, back to the contest.  So we checked back on their blog last night and Darwin's name was picked as the winner!  I think Augie may have a crush on Darwin.
Thanks to Augie and Ti for hosting such a fun contest!

23 October 2010

{22oct2010: flashback Friday}

A year ago we realized we needed to start hiding the apples where Darwin can't see them.

20 October 2010

{19oct2010: Wallace Falls}

We wanted to see the fall colors and decided to incorporate a fall hike (for Darwin) with pumpkin patching (for me).  
I'm still looking for a pumpkin patch that's dog friendly (do they even exisit?), but in the meantime we found a really fun one, especially if you have kids, Craven Farm.
Besides the pumpkin patch, they had a corn maze, hay ride, animals, and even a mini pumpkin slingshot.  If you got a pumpkin in a box you won a prize (we didn't win).
Great place!  I'm trying to convince my sister to bring my nephew up one year.
After getting my pumpkins we headed over to Wallace Falls for some hiking.  Some of you were asking where Darwin's booty entry was taken at, and this is it!
Darwin surprised us by getting through the gate on the first try, unlike her last encounter with these weavey gates!
Even though it was a little wet and humid, it was a beautiful hike!
More pictures to come!

19 October 2010

{18oct2010: vote!}

Voting is now open at Twinkie's for her Furry Tails photo contest.
Click here to get to the contest page to vote!  You can vote up to five times every day on the sidebar til the end of the week! Go Vote!
Here's Darwin's sashaying booty entry in case you forgot!

15 October 2010

{14oct2010: Furry Tail}

If you didn't know (and how could you not, after all everybody who's anybody knows Twinkie!) Twinkie is holding a Furry Tails photo contest at her blog.
Here's Darwin's sashaying her booty around for the world to see.

{heyyyy are you checking out my booty?!}

If you haven't entered the contest yet, head here to show off the junk in your trunk!  You have till midnight on Sunday!

14 October 2010

{13oct2010: mostly wordless Wednesday}

Darwin versus the talking ball edition:

Darwin got that ball from her Aunty Robin at our surprise puppy shower.  I just went back and there's a video on that post when Darwin was TINY and playing with a new toy.  If you haven't seen it yet you should check it out for a good laugh.
(Sorry for the dark shaky video... we need better lighting in the house!)

On a not so fun note, if you haven't visited Wilf yet, please do as his family just got some really sad news and could use everyone's thoughts and positive vibes as they deal with another hard blow.

12 October 2010

{11oct2010: Oktoberfest}

A few weeks ago we went to the annual Fremont Oktoberfest.  Sunday was Dogtoberfest, the one day dogs are allowed at the festivities, so we made sure to be there.  I had talked to Remi's mom a few weeks early and they were running the brew-ha-ha 5k so we knew we'd see each other down there.

We were bad dog owners and didn't take Darwin to a park first to wear her down, and so when we got there she was a nut!  She was good walking on her leash, but very hyped up especially when we saw other dogs.  It was embarrassing (note to self, always tire Darwin out before going some place social) to be "those" dog owners with the seemingly out of control barky dog.  
Remi didn't mention it in his blog post, but when we saw Remi, Darwin went crazy!  It was quite a scene, and so we quickly parted ways with Remi and his parents, and went to find a table we could sit at to let Darwin take in all the activities from a distance.

Darwin did get a lot of attention from people walking by.

And even got some funny glances.

After hanging out for a couple hours, she finally calmed down and was able to greet other dogs without barking at them.

She even managed to ignore this cute Australian Shepherd puppy hanging out at the other end of the table from us.

Darwin even eventually LAID DOWN OUTSIDE on the grass.  She never does that!

Since she was behaving herself we thought we'd let her taste some beer and clean up any spills.

What started as a rough outing (sorry Remi!) ended up being pretty fun and we learned a valuable lesson... a tired dog is a good dog.

**just found the official Oktoberfest image gallery and there are a couple shots of Remi and Darwin!  Go to the Dogtoberfest page and you can browse the fun pups that were there.