18 May 2012

{18may2012: brotherly love}

It's been a while since Darwin had a playdate with her brother Boo (we're all so busy these days!), but Kristie and I managed to meet up with the dogs at Marymoor one Sunday and while Darwin was really excited to see her brother (ok she was really excited to see Kristie),
{oh, hi brother}

 it took some walking around before they remembered how to play with each other!
{bitey face attacckkkkk!!!!}

{who's better looking, me or my brother?}

{yes, i'm secure enough to play with a hot pink ball}

Whenever Boo would lay down to rest, Darwin would walk over and stand over him, then proceed to lean her head down on him.

{girl... you're crazy!}
{brotherrrrr.... play with me!}
{okay, let's just cuddle instead}
It's always so cute to see them together! I'll miss having Boo (and Kristie) to meet up with!

11 May 2012

{11may2012: Golden Gardens}

One of the last days as single ladies before Jason got back, Darwin and I went to Golden Gardens dog park. The park itself is meh... but there are great trails around the park that are fun to walk on.

Continuing my new series of Darwin on things not as impressive as Maddie, I got Dar to stand on this mossy rock. Exciting I know.

We came across a little stream and it gave Darwin the zoomies!

After Golden Garden's we picked up some lunch so we could have a picnic in the park by our house before heading home. (Yes, Darwin is still on a diet, but everyone gets a splurge day every once in a while right?!)

09 May 2012

{09may2012: wordless Wednesday}

Another day at the dog park edition:

Darwin & Monty

Maya Darwin & Monty

Darwin & Tessa

Darwin & Frodo

Darwin photobomed Frodo

Sisters, Tessa & Fiona

***BTW thanks for all the birthday wishes for both Jason and I! 

01 May 2012

{01may2012: busy buddy}

(Holy cow it's already MAY!)
Darwin came to work with me the other week, and on the way in I managed to drop her bowl of food losing half of it. So at lunch we walked to the nearby pet store, Mud Bay and I decided to get her a new food toy. I figured with a food toy, I could leave it at work and wouldn't have to carry her food bowl back and forth (and potentially drop her food again). I was torn between the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude or the TreatStik (which was on sale... and I have a hard time resisting things on sale). I ended up choosing the Busy Buddy because I liked that it was rubber and not plastic (or nylon as the TreatStik page says) and I worried about the noise of it if she's using it at work and the plastic (nylon) getting scratched up. I picked up a small bag of dog food to leave at the office too (minimize things to lug back and forth), but they didn't sell her normal food (Acana Pacifica so I chose another grain free option, Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula. We came back to the office and I put a couple handfuls of kibble into the squirrel and let her at it.
So far so good.