26 April 2012

{26april2012: 4 year old nephew's are exhausting}

Since Jason was going to be gone for 2 months and we're moving far far away, I convinced my sister to bring my nephew and come for a visit. We were curious/nervous/anxious to see what my nephew's reaction would be to Darwin. He likes dogs... from a distance. He doesn't like them licking him and gets nervous about them jumping on him.

The first night was.... entertaining. I went in the house first and Darwin could tell something was going on and was barking in excitement, that made C nervous outside in the hallway and he didn't want to come in the door. We used their suitcase to block Darwin and C scooted inside behind my sister. Once Darwin did some sniffing she calmed down (it was already 11pm by then) and C relaxed also (a little). Any time Darwin made a quick movement C would jump and run back to the couch. It was good it was late because we all went to bed (quote of the night by C "I get to sleep with all the pretty girls.").
The next day was better. We got up and got ready to head out for the day and C was less nervous around Dar.

When we got home that afternoon C really wanted to play with Darwin and took every toy out of her toy box and put it in her face hoping to get her to play (she wasn't really interested). Since she didn't want to play, he decided to brush her with her Zoom Groom.

Once he was over that he found my tape measure and tried to measure Darwin.

I was surprised, it was only day two, he'd been around her less than 24 hours and yet he was already getting very comfortable with Dar.

After a while Darwin needed a break and found a great hiding spot.

{he'll never know i'm here}

The next day we decided to check out the view from our roof...

The one thing C was SUPER excited about was going to play in snow and building a snowman. I took them to Snoqualmie Tubing center and we tubed and built a snowman.

On their last day the sun finally decided to come out so we stopped by for a visit at our friend's houseboat and C got to meet Friday.

Friday is older than Darwin and a whole lot calmer so C was in love. (He had bought a stuffed puppy that afternoon and he named him Friday after Friday.)
That night C was sad that he was going to have to say goodbye to Darwin. 

It was fun to see my sister and nephew and I loved seeing how C got over his initial fear of Darwin (and dogs in general).


  1. Wonderful post and pics of C and Darwin. LIke the last pic of them cuddling. Little ones can be exhausting when not used to being around them. Glad you got to spend some time.
    Barb - Mom of Ernie and rest of the pack

  2. Our uncle just left after being here for a few days and we're EXHAUSTED - so we know how you feel. You two look MIGHTY cute together!
    Play bows,

  3. Wow, they are good brothers and your boy looks handsome and cute. they are so comfortable to each other :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  4. Awww...the pictures of Darwin with your little nephew are just absolutely ADORABLE!!! :-)

  5. O we are so glad you could help you little nephew get over his fear of dogs :)

    Lots if slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  6. Hi B: Excellent - you and Darwin did good. You've helped a little boy grow up a little more and learn that some dogs just get into your heart and stay there.

  7. Hey Darwin, you lucky girl. Your mum's little nephew looked really cute. Now you have shown him not to be afraid of doggies, do you reckon he could come play with us? Mum sends him little smoochies. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. These are great photos. Your nephew is adorable! and Dar was so good with him!