26 September 2012

{26sept2012: relentlessly huge hole}

Our hearts are so heavy after learning that our friend Mango has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The Mango Momma had to make a very tough decision for her guy, but he is no longer in pain and is able to run free to all those that are greeting him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest in peace dear Mango. Blogland won't be the same without you.
We send big hugs and giant Dane kisses to Mango Momma, Master and Dexter!


  1. We deeply mourn with all those hearts that were touched by Mango, relentlessly huge.

  2. Hi Brooke, we loved our Uncle Mango so very much too. He gave us laughs, he gave us love. A relentlessly huge friend to all who will be missed and loved forever. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory and Carol

  3. I just knew about his passing today. This is heartbreaking. :(

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