28 November 2012

{holy thunder}

thunder in singapore is the scariest thing ever.
even more scary than little yappy dogs and street cats.
the biggest thunders (like the ones happening right now) sound like bombs going off... or at least that's what mom says.
i hate it.
the thundershirt works a little.
mom thinks covering my ears and making earmuffs helps.
she even tried to make "thundermuffs" with her seattle sounders scarf so she wouldnt have to sit there and cover my ears the whole time.
i look pretty silly huh?
well tonight dad gave me a bone during the thunderstorm as a good distraction.
it worked for a bit... til i finished the bone and then i just went right back to barking.
fooled them.
next time they should get me a bigger bone! :)


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Darwin! Get the Thundershirt on as early as possible - and maybe pair it with Rescue Remedy or Calming Caramels? Can you order either or find them there??!
    Or ... yeah. A really big chew bone! Ha woo!

  2. Oh Darwin! I am so sorry the Singapore thunder is louder than American thunder! I would be terrified of that. The thunder we get scares me as much as anything could, I think. Do you get lots of storms and thunder? I hope not! My heart goes out to you.

    We are in winter season where we have snow storms but NO THUNDER, so its not so bad, at least from now until say, April and that is five months break from the thunderboomers.

    I hope you get a bigger bone for the next one!


  3. Poor baby. Tell momma to blast the TV as loud as it could go
    Benny & Lily

  4. Yes they need a large stock of bones

    Stop on by for a visit