26 February 2011

{25feb2011: car wash}

Sorry for the lack of posts... hopefully I'll get back on it!
In the mean time, here's a video of Darwin's latest ride through the car wash.
I automatically thought of this song when I took Darwin through the car wash the other afternoon.

She was a lot calmer about it then the first time we took her in the car with us.

22 February 2011

{22feb2011: cute}

via the bark

{21feb2011: reunion party part 4}

We ended last week with part 3 of our puppy reunion birthday party and start this week with the last installment.

Darwin took some time after the family picture to show her brother who's boss.

Boo showed off his shaved belly from his tennis ball extraction surgery
Kristie brought out another one of Boo's toys and Darwin made off with it and started a game of chase.
And tug
Porky's dad brought some string cheese and all the dogs wanted a piece.
As all the dogs were sitting patiently for their piece of cheese, this little lab puppy came up to the group and was fascinated by Kona's tail.  It was the cutest thing!
Here's some video!
After cheesefest Boo and Olive had a bitey face wrestling match.
Kona took advantage of Boo being distracted and made off with the monkey.
When Boo saw his monkey had been stolen, he stopped his game of bitey face and went after his toy.
Olive wanted in on the tug match so she grabbed a hold.
With her tug an arm snapped off, but the two boys kept going.
Olive got tired of her arm and left it for Kona to munch on.
Here's some video of Darwin and Porky in action.
After the monkey massacre we all headed home.  It was a great puppy party/reunion and all the dogs were pooped!  We look forward to another reunion!

18 February 2011

{17feb2011: reunion party part 3}

We're almost to the end!  If you missed Darwin's birthday party/family reunion part 1 or part 2 check out the first half of the fun!

After hanging out by the water we moved back towards the middle of the park for some running time.
We passed by our other Dane friends, like Bettis and his little sister Rooney, whom Darwin had to chase.

While Darwin tried to steal Boo's monkey, Porky tried to steal Darwin's attention.
Darwin was not happy about it.
{when a girl says no she means no!}
Soon Boo and his monkey became the center of attention. (5 out of the 8 blues pictured are littermates)
Boo got distracted by Misha and Kona tried to make off with the monkey.
But he didn't act fast enough and Boo held onto his now footless toy.
At some point Darwin took possession of the monkey, and was so thrilled as her most favorite thing to do is steal other dogs toys and have them chase her.
{neener neener neener... I got the monkey!}
When Boo finally got a hold of his monkey he and Olive joined in for a three way tug match.
Boo is not afraid to show off his feminine side with his pretty pink flamingo charm.
Darwin got a short break from Porky's affection while he took interest in their smallest sister Sydney.
While Darwin was free she went back to a game of tug with Boo... that poor monkey.
Porky's a persistent guy and came back to see if Darwin changed her mind about him yet.

She didn't.
Bella and her family were taking off so we managed to get a group shot of all the siblings.
(Boo, Bella, Darwin, Sydney, Porky and Kona)
Here's some video of the action too!

***Stumpy wanted the pupcake recipe... You can find it at this old post.  I just made cupcakes rather than a sheet cake.  And I topped it with these cookies.  

17 February 2011

{16feb2011: reunion party part 2}

Did you see the first part of the birthday/family reunion?  Well here's part two!

Once we got the pupcakes handed out and gobbled down, we headed in the park so everyone could relax and have a good time.
Darwin had given Boo Radley a birthday gift of a rubber monkey which he proudly carried through the park (the whole time).

Carrying a monkey makes you a very popular fellow.
{Gino goes in for his brothers monkey}
{Olive (not related, but sister to Kona) tries her turn at it}
{Darwin's turn to try and steal it, while Olive and Porky (brother) watch on. Kona (brother) couldn't be bothered with a monkey}
Darwin was constantly trying to run away from Porky.
But he was very persistant.  
Memphis tried to join in the sibling party time.
And someone left their old yellow lab amongst the group while he barked and barked and barked and barked and barked at the chaos of Danes.  (He was alone, barking nonstop for a good 15 minutes before his owner came back to take him away.)
You can hear the barking yellow lab and see some of the madness in this video.
After a while Porky was distracted by the younger blue, Olive.
He even gifted her with a giant slim trail on her back.
After all of Darwin's barking when he first showed up, Remi was cautious approaching her.
Soon another sister showed up, Sydney!  And her older neice, London. (Sydney's mom's daughter owns London.)
Sydney is so tiny compared to the rest of the siblings (we've met).  You can see how much smaller in this picture (you can also see her neice London in the background with the red collar).
Meanwhile, Porky continued his love affair with Darwin.
And here's more video of the dogs by the water.

Part three to come!