15 December 2012

{taken advantage of}

Mom took advantage of me as I tried to get some beauty sleep today.
I am not amused.

11 December 2012

{ive been found out}

a big thunderstorm started as mom was coming home so she thought she'd trick me.
when she got home she stood downstairs to listen for my barking.
nothing but thunder.
she came up the elevator and stood outside the door.
again, nothing but thunder.
she comes in the house... i come out of the kitchen and then start barking. :)
and now i won't stop.
i think im driving her bonkers.

07 December 2012

{dog day friday}

One of moms bosses is visiting from the new york office.
She wanted to meet me so mom brought me in for the afternoon. I haven't had a dog day Friday since Seattle! It's exhausting!