20 February 2010

{19feb2010: break}

We'll be on a blogging break for a bit as Jason and I are going on vacation! 
Darwin will be hanging out with her doggy daddy and mommy and some of her favorite people!

On a completely non-dog/non-blog related subject I'm curious on people's takes on the iphone.  I have a blackberry now and am tempted to switch to the iphone.  Anyone that's used both and have an opinion on it?  Thanks!  :)

See you all later!

18 February 2010

{17feb2010: Moose}

After Twinkie's visit to the PNW we decided maybe Moose needed to come up for a visit from the Florida Keys, afterall (I think his name is)Clive could be his long lost relative.
When he first showed up at the park, I think he thought we were going to a costume party because this is what he looked like:
Or maybe his mom just thought he'd be cold coming up from sunny Florida to rainy Seattle and this was the warmest thing Moose had on hand.
Poor guy.  We quickly got him out of his outfit so he could go run with (I think his name is)Clive and Darwin.
He quickly went up to (I think his name is)Clive to see how he sized up next to a real dane/lab mix to see if maybe he has some dane in him.
While Moose is a tall guy, I don't think he was quite as tall as Darwin and (I think his name is)Clive.  
Once that was settled it was time to play some ball. Luckily Moose brought his own ball to play with.
No matter how much he tried the other two to play with him though they were too obsessed with (I think his name is)Clive's green cuz. 

Moose was starting to miss his mom and the warmth of Florida, so we packed him up, costume and all, and got him on the first flight back on Pet Airways.
It was a super quick visit so we'll have to plan for another one in the future!

17 February 2010

{16feb2010: Twinkie}

Twinkie commented on our last post how she had fun "virtually" playing with Remi Nala and Darwin, so I figured, she may want to really play with them.  So we transported her up from LA and here she is getting a ride on Darwin in the middle of the fun:
And also getting in on the action at Marymoor!
For a tiny dog she sure can keep up with the big ones!

16 February 2010

{15feb2010: weekend review part 2}

After Friday night's activities, Darwin was pretty slow to start the day Saturday, but Jason did get her up and convinced her to go for a walk with him to pick up flowers for me (aww), coffee for him, and donuts for the two of us.  She was so well behaved picking up flowers they guy working at the flower stand gave her a treat!
All that walking wore her out and she rested on the couch all morning til I dragged her out and into the car.  We drove and drove and when I let her out of the car she could smell something was up.  Soon we came to an area and guess who was there.... Remi and his sister Nala!!!  
Last weekend at Darwin's birthday party, Remi came to celebrate, but with all the chaos that was the reunion, they hardly got to play.  Nala's family was driving over from their house over on the East side and we were able to schedule a playdate/meet blog buddy session!
Here are some pictures from the event:

 There was something under this bush that all three dogs couldn't get enough of.  Took a while before they stopped sniffing to go and run!

{Remi looks like a bunny in this picture!}
Darwin had a great time chasing Remi around til she slipped on the wet grass and ended up doing the splits and hurting her back leg.  After a while she shook it off and was right back in there with the other two.

On Sunday we did our usual routine of heading over to Marymoor for the Great Dane convention.  We ran into Darwin's buddy Winston who loves playing with the danes.

We also ran into the dane/lab mix we met before, I think his name is Clive.  Darwin had fun chasing him with his toy again.

He was really funny and would run and jump over the fence to get away from Darwin who was too scared to jump over after him.  Then he'd jump back over and let her chase him and then jump back over the fence.  

Very full weekend with lots of doggy friends!

{15feb2010: weekend review part 1}

I'll have to break this weekend up into parts because that much went on.
Friday night our friends invited us (and Darwin) over to their place to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Before we headed over I gave Darwin her Baby Rocket and Hootie.

After a quick play session with her new wild boar we headed out.  
Darwin was really excited to visit her bff Friday.  We got there and Darwin had to play with every single one of Friday's toys.  Eventually they got into a game of tug.

If you noticed in the video, there was a Christmas colored felt ball on the ground.  After Friday was done tugging, Darwin still wanted to play more so she picked up the felt ball and headed over to Jason to play.  He picked up the ball and was tugging with her and was getting up in her face to egg her on... at the same time BB grabbed her tail that was swishing in his face and she turned quickly to see what was going on... in an instant BANG.  Darwin's quick head snap turned into a head butt onto Jason's eyebrow bone and split open the skin just under his eyebrow.  There was a bit of chaos with the running to the bathroom while trying to not get blood on their white carpet and trying to figure out just what happened.  After a rinsing it off and applying some pressure to it, we decided Jason probably wouldn't need stitches, but a healthy dose of Neosporin and a band-aid should suffice.  
Here's what it looked like Sunday night:
Darwin thought cuddling with dad would make things better.
Quite an exciting start to the weekend!

13 February 2010

{12feb2010: thank you!}

You seriously "meet" the nicest people here in blogland.  Over on my personal blog (that I don't update often enough) I have a list of goals I hope to accomplish before turning 30... giving me 2.5 more months to finish.  Anyway, Baby Rocket and Hootie's mom, Cassie, found my personal blog and my list and saw that one of my goals is to knit a scarf.  She had a simple scarf knitting kit that she's never used and offered to send it to me to help me cross one more thing off my list!  How sweet is that?!
Cassie and the dogs also sent over a toy for Darwin!  Even sweeter! 
Darwin will love her new toy and hopefully soon I'll have a new scarf!  
Thanks again to Cassie and Hootie and Baby Rocket!

{12feb2010: darwin day}

One year ago today we met 5 day old Darwin (and her siblings) for the first time when I volunteered Jason and I to be foster parents!  She was the size of a potato...
... and now she's as big as me! 

Have a great valentines weekend everyone!

11 February 2010

{10feb2010: Wordless Wednesday}

In honor of Maxdog in South Africa.  He's not doing well, but is home and enjoying his time with his family, so please stop by and visit him and send him all the positive vibes you can!

{Me and Darwin - 1 month old}

{Me and Darwin - 1 month old about to meet her bff Juneau for the first time}
{Me and Darwin - 2 months old}

{Family picture - 3 months old @ Jason's birthday}

{Me and Darwin - 3.5 months old @ Oregon Coast}

{Me and Darwin - 4 months old @ Discovery Park}
{Me and Dar - 5 months old @ Discovery Park}

{Me and Darwin - 6.5 months old @ camp}

{Family picture - 7 months old @ Oregon Coast}
{Me and Darwin - 10 months old @ Scottish Lakes High Camp snowshoeing}

{Family picture - 10 months old}

{Family picture - 1 year old}

10 February 2010

{09feb2009: Birthday Cake}

For Darwin's birthday party I made a cake for the pooches.  Like the cookies I made for Christmas, this recipe came from the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook

Let Em Eat Cake
adapted from Three Dog Bakery Cookbook
2 cups water
1/4 cups mashed banana
1/8 teaspoon vanilla
1 egg
2 Tablespoons honey
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup dried bananas
1/2 Tablespoon baking powder

8 oz low fat cream cheese
3 teaspoons carob powder (I couldn't find any so I didn't include it)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a bowl mix together water, bananas, vanilla, egg and honey.
In a smaller bowl combine flour, dried bananas, and baking powder.  Mix thoroughly.
Add dry ingredients to wet and mix well.
Pour into an 8-inch greased cake pan and bake for 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

To make the frosting beat all ingredients together in a small bowl until smooth.
Spread over the cake and decorate it with pieces of crushed dried banana.  Store in airtight container.

Since we had so many dogs coming I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9x13inch pan.  All the dogs seemed to love it, even though I think I overbaked it.  Tom's son tried a small piece too and said it was pretty good, though he's a preteen and would probably eat anything.  hehehe.

{09feb2010: crackhead}

Darwin must be on crack.
Three hours at the park for her party on Sunday, and hour speed walk last night, and even play session in the garage, and yet all night she was a nut.
Here she is with her flamingo toy from Remi and her fancy new collar from Greenbelts on Etsy.

All night long she had to find the most squeaky toys she has and squeak them in our face.
She also did a round of zoomies and flipped her bed over (and its a heavy big round papasan cushion bed).
Maybe she should've been entered in the Insane Cracker Dog Terriers group in Mango Minster instead!

On another note, I have a question for all you more knowledgeable than me about training dogs.  What is the best way to help Darwin be less scared of things she's unfamiliar with.
Example one: I was taking her for one of our walks at night and we walked down a street we don't usually walk on, and in front of a row of townhouses was a big metal box of mailboxes.  She stopped a few houses down and was totally scared to continue walking towards it.  I tried to use treats to get her to keep walking and it eventually worked, but she hid on the side of me putting me between her and the scary mailboxes.
Example two: I was taking her for one of our walks last night and we walked down a street we don't usually walk on, and in one of the yards on one corner there was a big rock.  As we were in the middle of the street approaching it she stopped and bark, scaring me, and did the same thing of walking as far away from it as she could.
Is it just a matter of walking down those streets more often to get her used to it?
She seems to be a big panty at night especially.  Like people walking across the street, or boxes in front of someones house, or any random noise.
She also gets scared when other dogs bark at her... she's not really one to bark at other dogs, and when they bark at her, she jumps back and tries to hide.  Is that normal?!

09 February 2010

{08feb2010: danes danes and more danes}

For Darwin's birthday we (I) wanted to do something big.  Jason said it was like a Hawaii first birthday and not a mainland first birthday.*  I couldn't help it I was so excited!  I bugged Tom, Darwin's breeder, for contact info for people who bought one of the puppies so I could plan a reunion/birthday party.  I already knew Kristie, and she was on board from the beginning so it was just a matter of getting in touch with as many other parents as possible.  Out of 16 other siblings, I managed to contact 10 owners (11 since Kristie now counts for two pups) and we've been able to start an email group with about 8 of them.  
We planned the birthday/reunion for their birthday, February 7.  I baked a doggie cake** and some cookies for Darwin's non-sibling friends that were coming.  
One of Darwin's brothers, Arthur, mom made blue and pink ribbon name tags for each of the siblings and parents.  
We met up around 10 at Marymoor and it was so fun to see how big some of the puppies had gotten.
{Darwin and Porkchop hit it off from the start}
Darwin's blog buddy Remi even came out for the party!  It was great to finally meet him!
{one of these things just doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same}
Before we headed into the off-leash area we had some cake first.  Boo LOVED the cake.
Actually, Remi did too.  

I think he actually tried to take two pieces if I remember correctly!  hehehe
After cake eating we headed into the park to play.  
Darwin's bff Juneau even made it out.  I think Remi had a crush on Juneau, cause he kept chasing after her where ever she went!  
In all the chaos of all the dogs Darwin didn't actually get much play time with Remi so we'll have to plan on another playdate for the two of them.
With so many males, many of them unfixed, there was a lot of testosterone and "almost fights" between the boys.  Other than that the reunion was a hit!
We managed to get a picture of the most of the family together before everyone took off.
{Butch, Arthur, Porkchop, mom Misty, dad Atlas, Sydney, Bella, and Darwin (missing:  Boo Radley and Kona)}
After the park Darwin was filthy!  We got her home and gave her a birthday bath and then she got some treats.

Inspired by a post from Max's mom we even got a family picture.
After a full day Darwin was pooped!  Check out the new collar she got from her brothers Boo and Kona:
I'm hoping with this pretty pink blinged out collar people will stop thinking she's a boy and will realize she's a girl!  
I think Darwin had a great first birthday!  Thanks to everyone who sent her a birthday wish! 

If you want to see more pictures, I've got some on my flickr page.
We also managed to get some videos:
here's 1
here's 2
here's 3
here's 4

*First birthday celebrations in Hawaii are BIG events.  Jason couldn't understand when I went home for my nephew's party, until he saw pictures of a big rented rec center, balloon artists, a magician, temporary tattoo artists, food, drinks and tons of people. 
** Recipe to come in another post.