31 July 2010

{30july2010: staycation part 2}

If you missed it, you can read part 1 of our staycation here.

For the second half of the day we all hung out in the sun (drinking).  

As empty beer cans were tossed to the side, Darwin  remembered her fondness for beer and thought she'd make sure the cans were really empty.

{that one's good, let me check this one}

{don't mind me... i'm just moving these cans around}
It was funny watching her make her way around and checking out all the empty cans... until she decided to try and get in the cans...
We quickly took them away from her, but not before she managed to cut her lip a tiny bit.   
More kayaking was done as the dogs looked on.
Then we tried out some badminton!  Note, trying to hold a drink in your hand while playing a racket sport is very hard!  Having two dogs trying to get the shuttlecock doesn't help much either.
There was so much activity all day long and Darwin wanted to be a part of it ALL.  She was so tired and delirious barking at everything going on, but couldn't get herself to just sit and relax so we eventually got her into the house and onto the couch for a nap.
What was supposed to be a nap turned into an early bed time and she missed a great sunset!

The next morning we had to get up early to catch the ferry back to Seattle so we could meet up with my good friend who was visiting from DC.  It was a short little staycation, but a beautiful one filled with lots of laughs. 

29 July 2010

28 July 2010

{27july2010: staycation - part 1}

Tucker is having a staycation contest!  We love staycations because that usually means Darwin gets to come along!  
This time we went up north to Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands to help celebrate a friend's birthday.  From Seattle it's a one and a half hour drive to Anacortes where you take a 45 minute ferry over to the island.

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We were going to go up on a Saturday and stay til Sunday, but we were convinced to hurry up after work on Friday.  So we got home and quickly threw things in a bag and packed up Darwin's food and blanket and headed off.  We took one of the last ferry's of the night and got to the beach house our friends were renting at around 1130pm.  
Since it was already pitch black outside we quickly settled around the campfire.

When we went inside for a snack, we set out Darwin's blanket and made her relax in the living room while we were all in the kitchen.

We brought our sleeping bags and slept in the living room.  Darwin was more than happy about that, because she got to sleep on the couch!
Saturday morning we got up and were able to really take in our location.  We were right on the beach and had a big yard to play in. 
Darwin found Juneau's football and had a blast with it.

I tried tossing it in the water and after a few attempts of getting the big ball in her mouth, she gave up when she couldn't get the ball without pushing it further away.

It was a little overcast and chilly in the morning, but by the afternoon the sun burned off the clouds and it was nice and warm.  
{ahhhh the sun feel so good.}
The dogs were so hot, they kept drinking out of our water glasses!

Darwin followed our friend for a walk down the beach, but was more than happy to return to the rest of the gang.

{Im baaaccckkkk!!!! what'd I miss?!}
That last picture makes me think of a line in that song by Kesha... "the party don't start til I walk in."
Darwin had a blast playing with (bugging) Juneau all weekend.

Our friend even had a license to crab and some crab pots and he actually caught some (they were delicious at dinner time).
Our friends even brought their kayaks and took turns paddling out in the water.  Darwin watched from a safe area while Juneau was willing to swim out with them.

Stay tuned for part 2 for the rest of our staycation fun!


24 July 2010

{23july2010: flashback Friday}

Last year Darwin and I went for a walk.  We stopped at a pet store and I bought her a treat for walking so well.  She decided she wanted to carry it the whole way home.

We also realized after she ate this treat how gassy they make her.  UGH.   

22 July 2010

{22july2010: amazing}

Just last week I was commenting and emailing back and forth with Honey's human, Hsin-Yi after seeing Honey on her blanket while sitting outside at a cafe on their last vacation 
Darwin never gets comfortable when we go out to places, and she'll usually stand the whole time, usually trying to put her head across our laps or will stand around impatiently.
So I was getting tips from Hsin-Yi about training Darwin to go to a blanket and to not give Darwin the attention she is seeking when she puts her head across our laps, and I was all set to put her tips into action when we went out with friends last week to one of our favorite dog friendly bars, Beveridge Place Pub.  Our friend's husband had just gotten back from a long work trip so we went out for a welcome back happy hour.  Darwin had a play date with her brother Boo that day, but usually even all day play dates don't seem to encourage her to sit and relax even though we know she's exhausted. 
So we got to Beveridge and after a round of hello's and hugs we sat down on the 'beveranda' and what happened next shocked us.  As we sat down, Darwin laid down in the middle of everyone's seat and RELAXED!

I was seriously amazed at her behavior.  It was almost as if she knew I was planning on making this outing a serious training event and didn't want to look bad in front of her friends.  Even when other dogs came out to the 'beveranda' she laid there quietly and hardly reacted.
The most action we got from her was when her bff Juneau walked around and tried to get close to her mom.
{juneau is that you?!}

{she's my mom!}

{hi aunty aileen!!!!}

{i said she's my mom!!}

Every time Juneau would squeeze next to Aileen, Darwin would lean her head back and push it up against Joo's head.  It was so funny!

{i've missed you juneau!}

{she's touching meeeee!!!}

{come on joo, one nice picture, please!!!}

{fine, but you better stop squishing our heads together after this}

After a while Darwin started getting restless (and hungry) so we headed home, but I was so impressed with her willingness to relax in public for the first time!  Our little girl is growing up!