18 July 2011

{15july1011: Daynakin}

Woah... blogger looks different now!
Jason and I went to Hawaii last weekend for my cousin's wedding (pictures to come) and while we were away, Darwin stayed at the boarders, Daynakin Great Danes. They are pretty far north from Seattle (about 2-3 hours away), but they meet us half way and it's a comfort to me knowing she's with a reputable breeder who will take great care of her. Georgia takes pictures of the dogs playing, but she said this time Darwin wasn't really interested in playing so she didn't get any still shots of her. She did get a quick video of Darwin and Duke running around though.


  1. Hi Darwin, you look like you had fun. Did you miss your mom and dad? Two or three hours north - should have come by to say hi.

  2. Hi Darwin,

    Wow! You are really fast. Did you have lots of fun while your peeps were in Hawaii?


  3. Hi Darwin, hope you had fun. Next time we could look after you. It would only be a 24 hour flight ha ha. Take care lovely girl. No worries, and love, Stella and Carol

  4. Hope she had fun!!! You could always send her down to Texas and we would watch her :)

    Thank you for stopping by and checking in on us with all that is going on Fred. It means alot - thank you!

  5. Looks like a nice place to run and play! :)

    Mochi & Bali

  6. Duke sure looks like lots of fun! I hope you didn't miss your mom and dad too much, Darwin!