01 July 2011

{1july2011: weekend road trip part 2}

(holy cow its already July! we are being featured at Two Pitties in the City for their "how to be a tourist" series. Go check us out!)
If you missed part one of our weekend road trip, check it out here.
Finding a place to stay with a dog can be tricky. It get's even trickier when you have a giant dog! Luckily after a bit of Googling I found a bunch of dog friendly accommodations on Orcas and found one that sounded perfect for us. Once in a Blue Moon Farm is a working farm, but they also have a variety of lodging accommodations. We went for the smallest room (funny considering we have a really big dog), but I loved the name of the room (the secret garden room) and I figured we'd be so busy and wouldn't really be spending a lot of time there.
The farm had chickens, llamas, horses, and sheep. The chicken and llama enclosures were right outside our door. (It's probably good that Darwin got llama proofed during our hike a few weeks ago.)

The llamas were so funny. We'd watch them and they'd stand there and watch us.
And did you know llamas make noises? Here's a youtube video where you can hear the sound. I think that brown llama was the ring leader of the group. When he would towards us, the rest of them would walk towards us. And when he got the zoomies and ran in a few circles the other llamas (and sheep) followed him.
There were also horses on the farm. Darwin and a white one gave each other eskimo kisses.
Darwin and I also checked out this fenced enclosure that had 3 sheep and an old goat with a skin problem.
There's a forest area on the backside of the property that we could hike through.
It felt like we were walking through a scene Twilight. 
While the room wasn't very big, one of the best things was the little garden right outside the door. And though we didn't have a whole lot of time to lounge around, we were able to relax for a bit with some tea (coffee for Jason) and some reading.

It was funny to us how Darwin didn't react to any of the animal sounds (chickens clucking, llamas making their noise, sheep, roosters, ducks) but when she hears the dogs that live in the unit next to us going outside for potty breaks she has to alert us (single barks). 


  1. I love the Eskimo kiss one. Too cute. Sounds like Darwin was very well behaved around the other animals.

  2. What a perfect place to stay! And Darwin was SO good around all those strange animals!!

    -Rottie Kisses

  3. Hi Darwin, once upon a time, my mom and dad took my sheltie brother and sister out to do sheep herding, because they'd never done that before and because they're shelties. Well, once they were placed in a really large ring with a bunch of sheep and the sheep herder, well they just stood there. No herding, no fear, no nothing - except staring at my dad, wondering why he wasn't in there with them. No one could get them to show any interest in herding. Maybe you didn't react because you weren't interested in the other animals.

  4. We saw Darwin over at Two Pitties! She looked wonderful as always!

  5. there's a lot of llamas on your blog recently. lol :)

  6. We're glad we found you! I think being able to go away like that for the weekend would be a lot of fun! I really love being able to get out and do stuff with the girls, and it looks like you had a great time there!

    Darwin is beautiful!

  7. The llamas are just too funny! Thanks again for the post today!

  8. That llama cracked me up!


  9. What a great place you found to stay! Luved the llamas and all the other farm animals. What fun!

    Waggin at ya,

  10. WOW so many strange looking creatures! Looked like you had a really fun trip.

  11. Looks like a fun trip! Nice post on Two Pitties!

  12. Hi Darwin, you must be a brave dog to see all those funny animals and not be scared. I must learn to be like that too. Mum said we have alpacas close to us. I'm not sure if they are the same as llamas. No worries, and love, Stella

  13. Wow Darwin this is some trip. You were so cool andbrave around all those strange creatures.

    Lovely piccies.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  14. i would LOVE to see llamas doing zoomies. great trip. i'm glad darwin had so much fun!