09 September 2011

{08sept2011: vibes}

Darwin must give off some vibe to other dogs or yesterday was just a crazy (was it a full moon? I don't recall a full moon report by Remington so it must not be).
Yesterday morning I took Darwin out to potty before we left for work and as we were making our way back to the front gate, the neighbor's three dogs (they live at the end of the dead end street around the corner from us) come running around the corner (off leash) barking at us (scared me - I jumped and let out a girly yell/scream) and when  I turned around they just stopped and turned and walked back home. Darwin was totally fine, didn't even bark.
Then after work, Darwin and I get ready to start our wog and are walking up the street when I see this girl and her dog walking down the street on the opposite side of the road. Her dog starts pulling and barking and pulled his owner hard enough that she fell, and his flexi leash some how comes undone. He runs across the street at us, barking at Darwin, and I try to position myself between Darwin and this dog, but of course he just runs around me and is on (at her chest) Darwin. She starts off barking, then yelping and Im thinking HOLY SHIET. I start yelling, HEY! HEY! and he finally stops and looks up at me and I have time to grab his collar and pull him away. His owner finally gets over to us and all she does is say "Ouch I fell"... Like woman, you're so lucky Jason wasn't here or he'd be screaming in your face and he'd probably kick your dog. And what do I do "are you okay?" OI. She finally gets her dog back on leash, but he's still pulling her trying to get back at Darwin and she can barely restrain him. I walk Darwin away and check her out. Luckily no harm was done, no skin broken, no scratches, just a few teeth marks on her leash (I think he was going at her chest and I had her harness on and the leash clipped to the front - which I dont always do - and I think he just bit her harness and leash). The girl finally gets her dog to walk down the street (she doesn't ask about Darwin) and I get Darwin to calm down and keep going on our wog. I didnt know if I should take her back in (we were just across the street from home) and calm or down or keep doing what we were doing... so I kept going since she wasn't physically hurt. I was really worried about her being reactive towards other dogs on leash after this, but we passed other dogs and she was totally fine. She even tried to play with another dog at a park. Whew.
{why do they all pick on me?}


  1. Dear Darwin,

    You look so cute on the picture, how comfy does your pillow looks !!
    Can't believe this dog just run to you and came straight to bark at you, so rude ! Glad it ended up "ok".


  2. It's your size Darwin, all the other dogs think they have something to prove. Sort of a "short man/dog" syndrome, no offense to anyone. As a parent to a great big doggie too I worry about this all the time. Anything smaller than my Rodney thinks they have something to prove. Stay vigilant and safe Darwin :-)

  3. we sure don't like doggies like that. They scare my Lily to death
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hi B and Darwin, some dogs just have the wrong attitude and so do their peoples. My brother Owen is the nicest, sweetest doggie but if he sees another dog on the street, he'll likely go a little nuts. He's reactive. My mom says that he's actually afraid of dogs that he doesn't know. My mom and dad as well as our walking people are all working with Owen to overcome this problem but it will take time. We don't have "Flexi-leashes" for that exact reason - they all too often come flying off. Besides it encourages dogs to pull. It's not Darwin specifically, it's more about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you have a dog running at Darwin, throw a big handful of food in their direction while you get Darwin and yourself to safety. Oh yeah, my dad would likely react like Jason. My dad says it's a "guy thing".

  5. Oh Darwin, you behaved beautifully. Mum thinks its probably a good thing you continued on your walk, even if only a short one, just to get everything back to normal. Take care beautiful girl. Hope you are OK Brooke. No worries (LUCKILY FOR THEM!!!), and love, Stella (and Carol)

  6. Woo, Darwin! You're a sweet, good girl! We hope your mom is OK!!!

  7. I am so glad that Darwin and you are ok! That is such a dangerous situation! I do want to point out how lucky you are and how good Darwin is. I think her not reacting horribly is a true testiment to how great of a job you and Jason have done with her! I have this problem all of the time. Unfortunately, Keena can be very reactive. Other dogs need to approach her calmly and not get all up in her face (she does NOT like that!). Since she was a recue who had to fight for the little food that she had she has a little bit of "street dog" in her. Most danes are calm and laid back and Keena can be but she can also turn into this fighting dog that is a whole new and dark side of her. I think you were incredibly nice to that irresponsible owner and this situation proves why I destest flexi leashes! My neighbor has a boston terrier that continuosly attacks Keena. When I say attack I mean actually jumping and biting her legs! I put Keena in the house and I pick up the little annoying dog and marched right over to her place and yelled at her. I cannot stant that! Keena and I are very proud of you Brooke and Darwin! Good job and good luck!

    Annie and Keena

  8. O dear Darwin, what a day full of drama!

    I guess having dogs getting angry at you comes with the territory when your as big as us!

    Jasper says, just be thankful you don't have balls as well (it makes it even worse)...I still have mine and I get dogs being grumpy with me ALL the time!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  9. That was spooky Darwin. Glad your Mom was able to pull the other dog away! Good show! Sounds like that dog's owner needs more training. A lot more! Glad you're okay :)

    Waggin at ya,

  10. There is just no accounting for idiots who can't control their dogs. It is also puzzling how other dogs react to those loose hounds. There is a GSD in our neighborhood who is constantly getting off leash and he charges me and Dex. Now to my eye, his body language looks friendly, but Dexter HATES him and goes all bark and growl at him, so I trust my dog rather than my human instincts. In really trouble, sometimes you need to drop the leash, as scary as that sounds. I'm just glad everybody is OK. And, yes, giant dogs attract unwanted attention of all types. Oh, and also yes, there is nothing you can say to idiot humans that will make them "get it."

    Mango Momma

  11. Rude! I have to admit though, that size does matter. I am a bit of a brat like that too. I try to box (playfully) with dogs that are smaller than me, but I hide from doggies that are bigger than me. Mommy thinks I'll be a bully when I'm bigger than ALL the doggies we see!
    Still, that rude human lady should have at least apologized and checked on you. Sheesh! Some people!

    Puppy Love,

  12. You and your mom handled a sudden, scary situation very well indeed. And as Keena's mom posted, yelling at idiot hu-apes is not just a guy thing. Mama doesn't hesitate to dress down an idiot hu-ape if their dog threatens us. Idiot hu-apes put their own dogs at risk, as well as other peoples' dogs and kids.

    Did you decide how to carry water for Darwin on your wogs? If she's doing much running, mama would worry about the water pack chaffing her and, if it's well padded, maybe making her overheat. On the other hand, military and rescue doggies wear coats and even packs and they seem to do fine.

    Jed & Abby

  13. Oooh, that's scary. I'm so glad you are ok Darwin. I'm sorry you get picked on by the other doggies. I'm guessing after a few weeks you won't be seeing that dog anymore. The girl is going to get tired of all that pulling and their walks will probably end.


  14. Hi Darwin,
    I know, it is quite scary, isn't it?
    Even for your human...
    Your human did good to keep on walking, my human did the same... but it took a bit afterwards to feel comfortable again, but don't worry everything will be back to normal!
    Something new happened recently with a very close doggie friend... we were having breakfast in a bar all together and it was actually the other one to attack me and I got a bite in my ear...
    Nothing serious, we stopped in the matter of 5 seconds... but still we did turn to eachother.
    My humans said it was important to scold both of us because we behaved badly, meaning that even the other human would have had to scold her dog ... instead she did not... how rude...
    So I got into the car ... and the other had not... my human made a real grumpy face to her human friend, so finally she decided to put her do in the car as well...
    But if you do not act immediately, it is not real punishment, is it?
    So my human is quite crossed with her friend now, because I get punished if I am bad, and I was not this time, but the other is not, so it is unfair...
    What if we have breakfast again and the other doggies decides to hurt me again? She does not know that it is a bad thing to do... she got even a price, I was the one to be put back in the car...
    My human is now a bit in doubt, but she said that we can have pretty nice breakfasts by ourselves till she decides wether or not to give another chance to her friend...
    Take care,

  15. That was NOT good! Glad all are okay....love the pic! You rock!

  16. Poor Darwin...maybe they are intimidated by your stature. Glad you are ok. Did you have fun camping a few weeks ago?


  17. We are so pleased Darwin was not hurt. We think you did right to continue on your walk.

    Love your photo Darwin.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx