27 September 2011

{27sept2011: so busy!}

Hello out there! Anyone still around? It's been busy busy at work and when it gets busy busy I tend to blog less and less. I feel really bad because I haven't even been commenting on everyone's blogs! I've read and kept up with everyone, but just haven't been able to comment! Sorry about that!
But onto some fun stuff. It seems like fall is coming to Seattle (boo - though I do love fall, I'n not quite ready for it yet) but I still have summer posts to share!
Last month we had a really nice weekend and managed to get out of the house and run a lot of errands. Between making stops in 6-7 different neighborhoods we had a little down time at Green Lake. There were a ton of people out since it was such a nice day, but we found a little spot we could let Darwin off to play in the water.

{woo hoo! look how far out I am!}

{omg! too far! too far!}

We didn't bring a ball for her to fetch, so I did the next best thing... threw pebbles. Darwin even tried to go after them a few times.

Darwin's such a big goof. I can pretend to have something in my hands and say "ready Darwin... go get it" and make a throwing motion... and she'll turn around and look for it. hehehe. I'm so mean. heheh.
After water time we picked out a spot in the grass that had some shade for Darwin and laid out to read a bit.

Then it was a little more water time before continuing on doing errands. Fun sunny day!


  1. Hey guys! I love the picture of Darwin splashing in the water and ofcourse reading the magazine. Im so jealous of fall in seattle... sigh.... we dont really have fall here in texas.

    We moved so please make sure to bookmark our new address in your reader http://houndgirl.com/

  2. Hi Darwin and B: Ah summer photos - seems so long ago already. It's been cool, windy and yes rainy up the street from you in Vancouver. But with the coming of fall is snow :) on the mountains. So you'll be hiking with Darwin soon in the mountains.

  3. Great pics of Darwin in the water. Love the splashing one. He is very handsome!!!

  4. Oh mom loves that See Attle. She saw Attle a few weeks ago. Beautiful lake
    Benny & Lily

  5. I love the pebbles idea. We do that to our dogs with snowballs and they can never understand how the ball magically disappears. I'm with you, so sad about summer leaving, I'm not quite ready for cooler weather.

  6. aw looks like a nice day for darwin. she even read some magazines! love it!!!

  7. Hmmm maybe the new girl will be a swimming dane :)


  8. Hi Darwin, great photos of you playing in the water. Hey Darwin, you kinda look like my little brother. Funny how he's so small and you are so big isn't it? Imagine if he grew as big as you hahahaha. I crack myself up. Have a great day. No worries and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Oh, Darwin. You're such a pretty girl! I bet you learn a lot of your style from your ModernDog magazine. Enjoy the nice weather we have left!

    Puppy Love,

  10. I feel the same way! Life can certainly get very busy sometimes!
    Love all the pics of Darwin!!

  11. That's a beautiful spot Darwin! You look like you were really enjoying the water. My humans play that mean "fake throwing" trick on me too – and then they laugh at the look on my face! You look gorgeous and all these photos – your coat so sleek and beautiful.

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. Beautiful sunny day in the Seattle area! Yay! Glad y'all got out to enjoy it :) Very sophisticated magazine you're pawing through Darwin. Any good tips you want to share? :)

    Waggin at ya,

  13. Hey, I'm SOOOOooo sorry I forgot to thank you for Remi's birthday gift. There's been so much stuff (dad was in hospital, cat was sick, etc) that I totally forgot! Remi was thrilled with the Kong squeeker. He really liked that red Kong wubba you sent for Christmas, but he finally destroyed that a couple months ago, so this is a good replacement. Thanks again!!!

  14. Hey darwin, You really look happy playing on the river with you Dad! NIce photos and your place is really cool! Woof!

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  15. You have the funnest adventures!!!
    Play bows,

  16. Why do the humans think it's funny fake throw things. Does it make them feel good to out wit the dog. The same thing happens here. Dad thinks it's hilarious to fake throw our toys and Mom thinks it's so funny to throw snowballs for my sister because they disappear or fall apart and the poor girl is digging and searching. Sometimes they stay packed and she brings those right back for another throw.

    You have pretty parks and lakes to explore. You are very brave to go into the water. Your magazine looks interesting.


  17. Looks like Darwin had a brillo paws day!

    We love the photo of Darwin and the magazine. Maybe she could get a contract modeling with them?

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

    p.s. Sorry post so alte we have had trouble with blogger. Hopefully or techie has fixed it!

  18. What a gorgeous place, perfect for playing in the water by the looks of it!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  19. Darwin is so pretty ! Loved the pictures in the water.

    (ps: Fabiola is just 13 months like Lincoln (they were born 5 days apart, how funny). She was younger in the picture I showed in my blog though.