07 October 2011

{07Oct2011: Dreams Come True}

Well, almost true.
As much as in love with Great Danes as I am, what I (not so) secretly wish for is an English Bulldog that Darwin would be bff's with. (Why do I have crushes on these health problematic dogs?!) The daycare that Darwin goes to has a few Bulldogs as clients and as I watch Darwin on the webcam I always hope that I'll catch Darwin and a Bulldog cuddled up for a nap together... I'd even settle for them playing together. So far no such luck.
But one day at Marymoor my dreams were THIS much closer to being realized. There must have been something in the air or water that day, but a couple bulldogs tried to get some play time in with Darwin and her other Dane friends.
The first one to check out Darwin was this French Bulldog (or is he a Boston Terrier?)

And then the friend he was with came over for a sniff.

EEEEEEEEEE!!!! Did you see his wrinkles and cute stubby legs?! Darwin of course paid no attention to him. But it was so cute!
We walked through the park and the big dogs got to enjoy themselves in the water.

Darwin's bud Frankie had a little convo with Dar. I think they were talking about how much cooler it was in the water than on the land.

Then as Darwin and Frankie got their play on a new little friend tried to get in on the action.

How cute is that?! I think Darwin was a little surprised at the little dude's "in your face" approach and she ran quickly over to Jason.
But that little dude just followed her around wanting to be friends and play.

Eventually the Bulldog's owner called him away (boooo) and the highlight of my day was over.


  1. HAHA I have a secret obsession over little chi's they come up and play with Fred all the time but im waiting for that one that will come up and play with Haylie who is the picky one.

    The little bull dog looked so cute!

  2. How funny! Kind of the equivilent of an elephant being scared of a mouse.

  3. So funny. I'm a sucker for the wrinkles and smooshiness too.

  4. Hilarious. Us Frenchies are something else too, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi Everybuddy, yeah mum has a thing for bulldogs too, but we told her, no way, no flippin way. Its us two and that's it. There is a bulldog that lives in our town and he is super cute and wrinkly. We don't see him to play with though. Have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Hi B, it's okay to like breeds with problems. There are great clinics down in your area :) but the dollars could be daunting. But Darwin looks great and hey, you might find a great friend for Darwin through various rescue associations.

  7. Bulldogs are adorable, but lots of health issues for sure. Plus they can't even be born properly because of their big heads. I say stick with the playgroup fun for now.

    Mango Momma

  8. You're as bad as my mom!!! Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  9. That's cute. I'm pretty sure the first pic is a Boston Terrier. What is it with little dogs finding us Danes so irresistible? I'm glad your Jason saved you from the crowd of tiny fans ;)


  10. Like little and large. So nice Darwin is getting comfortable with some new friends.
    Have a great weekend

    Big nose pokes
    The Thugletsx

  11. oh my god – we could be sisters! We share all the same weaknesses for the same dogs – ha ha! Actually, Paul is the one who is nuts about English Bulldogs. He keeps begging me and asking if we can get one as our next dog but I really don't want to have a dog with that many health issues and exercise intolerance – that is one dog which would NOT be able to go on long hikes with us or do other athletic things (or probably even dancing) – I mean, I like a lazy dog but I also like how Danes are so versatile and can be athletic if you need them to be. We really love hiking walking and we need to have a dog that can cope with that and we want it to. But I have to agree – there is NOTHING like a bulldog face and wrinkles, especially the puppies!!


  12. Ha ha--those poor danes knew trouble when they saw it coming!

    Maybe you could work on some classical conditioning (Squishy face= tasty treats) to make Darwin change her mind about those things :)

  13. Awww...cute lil wrinkle faces :D

    Waggin at ya,

  14. I know, I love them too. My friend had one and he was so cute, his name was Sir and he was always snoring and sniffing around like a little pig. I loved him. And that face - awwww

  15. Oh Darwin, I am so happy you found your soulmate... to play with of course!
    I also have a very close friend... he is of a unique breed... it is such a complicated mixture that it makes up for a new one!!!
    His name is Tobia!
    Have fun!
    Ciao Lucille