09 February 2012

{09feb2012: Snowmagged continues!}

(Ok really it all melted the weekend after it started, but I'm never THAT caught up on my posts.)
After Darwn's epic snowman day, the snow slowed down but the next day an ice storm hit. So all our soft fluffy (sometimes slushy) snow, got topped with a layer of hard ice. It's not so bad walking down (and up) hills in snow... trying to do it on ice though was a bit nerve wracking. We ended up staying home from work that day and bundled up on the couch. Later in the afternoon as the frozen rain and snow stopped we took Darwin out for a walk.

There's a trail behind some of the houses/apartments near our place and we decided to check it out (I only go on it when Jason's with us 'cause I'm a chicken).

While we were out we decided to stop by the grocery store. Jason ran in while I waited outside with Darwin, then we headed over to a park to let Darwin run around a bit. There were a few other dogs there off leash who checked Darwin out. She was nervous about the ice, especially when her paws broke through it so she didn't do much running around so we headed home.

We walked through one more park and let her off leash since no one was around and out of no where a little Bulldog ran up to Darwin to play. I was in heaven. Didn't you know my dream is for Darwin to become bff's with an English Bulldog at daycare and for me to catch them napping together at daycare (or for Darwin to get an English Bulldog brother). And guess what! Darwin played back! At least for a little while.

While they may not be bff's and planning sleepovers, it was still so fun to see.
And check out the backdrop to this encounter.

Hello Seattle! :)


  1. Well at least it looks like she enjoyed it!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Beautiful pictures. I too don't like it when there is a layer of ice on the snow that my feet break through.


  3. You know I thinks I figured it outs. Maine has switched place with Washington! See I gots no snow and you have oodles. That's it, i know it.

    woof - Tucker

  4. You got beautiful pictures in the snow! I think Darwin has definitely got the makings of the start of a beautiful friendship there!

  5. Hi Brooke, I love Seattle but the snow and ice on downtown streets and in the neighborhoods must be really bad, especially given the number of hills that you have there. An English Bulldog brother!!! That would be really cool. What do Jason and Darwin think? You may have to let Darwin pick his brother/sister out though...

  6. We're living winter vicariously through you.

  7. Brilliant photos. Darwin is a blast! sadly no snow here yet, but we are still hopeful!
    An English bull dog brother..we think Darwin would love him to play with!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  8. Wow! Have you all been enjoying the snow! :D
    Fun shots of you and the cute Bulldog playing :)
    Luv the photos of lighted Seattle in the background. Postcards for sure! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Ohhh....that backdrop is just STUNNING!!!! Like a fairy wonderland!

    hee! hee! I'm the same kind of chicken as you so I can totally relate about not doing certain kinds of walks alone! :-) I don't even drive on certain busy streets/intersections coz I haven't got the confidence to cope with the challenges! :-)

    Hmm...Darwin better enjoy the cold & snow, coz she's not going to get much of that anymore where you're going!! Ha! ha! Won't it be weird to have summer all round after living where you are?


  10. Hi Darwin, beautiful photos especially the last two. They look gorgeous. We don't mean to be nosy but read Hsin-Yi's comment. Are you moving and have we missed a post about it. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. That crusty snow can be tough on the paws! You caught some amazing evening light shots in the snow--gorgeous.

  12. Hi Darwin,
    I am getting snow here too, but not as much as you are having!
    My human also does not like icy roads, so when it is too icy I get to stay in too... playing hide and seek with my toys!!!
    Ciao Lucille