13 February 2012

{13feb2012: Obi}

I've mentioned before how great Kristie (Boo's mom) is. She always picks Darwin up for play dates, almost once a week) and she even watches Darwin when we go out of town. She helped Kona find a new, great home and also helped place another Dane that a stranger at the park asked her to help rehome, who Kona's mom took in!
Kristie learned of another Dane that needed rehoming and being the awesome person that she is she took Obi in to foster!

She had him less than a week and was able to place him in his new forever home of experienced Dane owners who are part of the Marymoor Great Dane group.
Before he went to his new home though, Darwin was able to go over for a play date to meet this handsome young fellow.
Here they are doing laps around the backyard (Darwin is the one making the monster noises per usual).

Here Darwin and Boo have a meet up to discuss what to do with this new guy, well Darwin does all the talking.
Darwin's laziness shows in this video. Obi keeps going, and Darwin stops halfway.
The blues separated themselves from the new kid for nap time.
But when Darwin was ready to play again she went over and tapped Obi on the head a couple times to get his attention.
Kristie had her dog trainer stop by to evaluate Obi, and while there he commented that Darwin was very regal, dominant and had a lot to say. hahaha. Very true, very true.
When we picked Darwin up that day we got a chance to meet Obi. Such a sweet guy. Around 2 years old, soft coat and so skinny, but he's got the Dane lean down and sucked up as much attention from us as he could.
His new family is lucky to have him and I'm hoping we'll get to see them at the park one of these days!

***All videos and pictures courtesy of Kristie.


  1. What a beautiful boy! And I love the monster noises Darwin makes. Capone kept looking around to see who was in the living room when I played the movie! Yay for Kristie!

  2. Hi Darwin, thank your mom. It's nice to have a "good news" story. We're very happy that Obi has a new home and that Kristie does so much.

  3. Darwin! Your monster noises made Ruby bark and run to the front window to protect us from the monster!! BOL!!


  4. We're so happy your friend was able to help Obi and get him to an experienced forever home! He sure is a handsome guy who looks like a TON of fun!
    You guys look very graceful in the videos!
    Play bows,

  5. Darwqin we thought we made noises, BOL...what a nice neighbor lady
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi Darwin, Obi looks like a beautiful fella. We wish him a wonderful forever home. We send hugs to you all for helping him out. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. I like Darwin's narration. Cute !!

    How could anyone give up Obi? He's so cute.


  8. Obi is SO CUTE

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Well done to your friend on helping Obi find a new forever home.
    Looks like Drawin had a lot of fun playing with Obi & Boo.
    Hope the friendship with Obi can continue to grow
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  10. so cute! it's great that darwin has friends to play with!!!

  11. What cute videos!! Kristie is such a great person. Great news to hear that Obi found his forever home so quickly.

    And what?? The behaviourist said that Darwin is dominant??? Somehow I find that hard to believe! :-)


  12. Eeeee! Three danes! And all so gorgeous. Looks like a great afternoon!