30 January 2012

{30jan2012: Mr Chewy}

We were contacted by someone at Mr Chewy asking us if we'd be interested in a $50 coupon to try out their website. I'm always happy to do a review and test things out, and who can say no to free dog stuff?
I was happy to see the variety of dog food brands they offer, and was surprised to see that their prices were a little cheaper than Petflow. (I've never used Petflow, but I did look into their service a while back.) Mr Chewy had the brand of kibble Darwin eats, Acana Pacifica, but they were out of the big bag. I decided to get the medium sized bag (15.4lbs) and get some treats as well. I figured since we rarely get Darwin bully sticks (they are so stinky), I'd get her some from Mr Chewy as a special treat.
I had placed the order on the Monday of Snowmaggedon and got an email later that night about it being shipped. (They offer free 1-2 day delivery for orders over $49, and their regular shipping price is a flat $4.95.) Then Snowmaggedon hit so I wasn't surprised that there was a delay in delivery. We weren't in a rush to receive our order so it wasn't a big deal, but I think if I had actually paid with my own money (not a coupon) then I would have been slightly annoyed.
Our order came last Tuesday and Darwin was very happy with her purchases.

{I smell something good!!!!}

{No more pictures! I want my treat!}


{nom nom nom nom nom}

Another great thing about Mr Chewy is that they also have a referral program. If you place an order and use the code DARW7318 you'll get 10% off your first order and they'll donate $10 to charity.

You can either choose from:
Best Friends Animal Society
North Shore Animal League America
Or you can choose to split your donation among the three.

Overall I'd say Mr Chewy is a great online pet supply store. I was going to say I only wish they sold pet toys as well, but come to think of it, Darwin has more than enough toys, and another place to buy toys for Darwin would be a bad thing. haha

***Disclaimer: We were given a coupon to review  Mr Chewy. All reviews and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. YAY for goodies!! Im always on the lookout for places I can order non-stinky treats too. Looks like you scored :) Thanks Darwin & Brooke!

    Love, Capone

  2. yay for darwin! ollie used to eat the pacifica flavor, but i couldn't take the fishy smell. hahahaha. he's now on wild prarie. gonna go check out the site now!

  3. boo. they don't ship to hawaii. story of my life! lol

  4. How very exciting to have packages just for you. Looks like you love mail! I'm sure you had a wonderful time. Looks like Mr. Chewy might be the amazon for dogs :)


  5. Woo hoo...all those goodies! Darwin looks like she is havein a fabulous time.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx