01 May 2012

{01may2012: busy buddy}

(Holy cow it's already MAY!)
Darwin came to work with me the other week, and on the way in I managed to drop her bowl of food losing half of it. So at lunch we walked to the nearby pet store, Mud Bay and I decided to get her a new food toy. I figured with a food toy, I could leave it at work and wouldn't have to carry her food bowl back and forth (and potentially drop her food again). I was torn between the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude or the TreatStik (which was on sale... and I have a hard time resisting things on sale). I ended up choosing the Busy Buddy because I liked that it was rubber and not plastic (or nylon as the TreatStik page says) and I worried about the noise of it if she's using it at work and the plastic (nylon) getting scratched up. I picked up a small bag of dog food to leave at the office too (minimize things to lug back and forth), but they didn't sell her normal food (Acana Pacifica so I chose another grain free option, Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula. We came back to the office and I put a couple handfuls of kibble into the squirrel and let her at it.
So far so good.


  1. Kuster loves the Tug A Jug, which is made by the same people who make the Squirrel Buddy! I'd say that yours is a hit. Ours love their Taste of the Wild, too!

  2. Hi Darwin and B: Wowee, I love how you can take Darwin to the office with you. We don't get to do that. I think that the crunchy food is a winner, we don't get the crunchy stuff. Sometimes my grandma slips us some of our friend's kibble when we go there to visit. Will you be able to get Darwin's food over there?

  3. Thats great, Haylie uses an egg treat ball and loves it, its made by the same people that make the squirrel buddy - I think its called premier or something - her egg is purple. Im so glad she loves it!

  4. I always fall victim to things on sale

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. we are kind of liking the looks of that toy
    Benny & Lily

  6. ha ha – Darwin – I like how you use your paw to bash it around, just like me! :-)

    Honey the great Dane

  7. Gosh you guys have such cool toys! So many to choose from - all the toys here in NZ are so boring!

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  8. Wish I could go to the office with my human too...
    Lovely toy, my human bought me a simalar one, but I am not as good as you are playing with it...
    Ciao Lucille