11 May 2012

{11may2012: Golden Gardens}

One of the last days as single ladies before Jason got back, Darwin and I went to Golden Gardens dog park. The park itself is meh... but there are great trails around the park that are fun to walk on.

Continuing my new series of Darwin on things not as impressive as Maddie, I got Dar to stand on this mossy rock. Exciting I know.

We came across a little stream and it gave Darwin the zoomies!

After Golden Garden's we picked up some lunch so we could have a picnic in the park by our house before heading home. (Yes, Darwin is still on a diet, but everyone gets a splurge day every once in a while right?!)


  1. Hi B: We think that the photos of Darwin are great, whether she's standing on a rock or not. What we see is a happy, healthy, well-loved dog - and those make for great pics, don't you think B? Ruff, we hope that all is well.

  2. love your expression in the last picture, Darwin! I see that you are enjoying your last days in Seattle to the full! :-)

  3. I have to tell you Darwin that I much prefer hot dogs when getting treats. But I guess if I had to choose between a hamburger or nothing I would pick the burger.

    We have been following your blog for a while now and are sad you are moving away. We will take your advise on the dog parks you recommend in your area as we are going to go on a vacation in Seattle soon.



  4. Wowzers! Your special girl time looks mighty fun! I just loved the zoomies by the creek video - and Dave loved that you got a HAMBURGER!!!!
    Great post!
    Play bows,

  5. Howdy Darwin, love the photos and we think any photo with you in it is a great one. Lucky girl to get a hamburger. Would you believe, our stingy mum has never given us one!! See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Peek A Boo I see you. The 2nd photo and last photo are our favorites. The last one looks like Darwin is thinking of springing up into some mischief. Geeeee, I myself wouldn't know anything about that kind of look ;)


  7. yes we all need to splurge

    Stop on by for a visit