16 October 2009

{81 days old}

For Jason's birthday this year, we went with a few friends and Darwin to a small little pub, Jabu's, that's near us.  Love that Seattle has a couple of dog friendly bars/restaurants that we can go to and not worry about tying Darwin up outside.  
So we're sitting there chatting, and this is what Darwin does:

Oi.  Sneaky little pup.  After a while we pose for a "family" picture:

She manages to sneak her tounge in!  
20 minutes later and a few licks of beer and Darwin was passed out:

She developed a taste for beer after this night... a glass wasn't safe if she could reach it.  She's finally less inclined to take a sip of drinks that she can reach, which means our coffee table can be used again.


  1. Wow that is impressive that she is allowed inside like that! Key Largo has lots of places Moose can go because they have outdoor seating but only a few places let dogs in the indoor part!
    Cute! As for the coffee table... does her tail not clear the table too? I got rid of mine when I got Moose because nothing was safe from his tail!

  2. So smiling at your party girl... boy do Danes pick up things (good and bad) so damn quickly... watch her at any New Years parties :)