03 June 2011

{03june2011: Serene}

Or not so much. Jason is no longer allowed to pick the hikes we go on. After last month's epic 9 mile hike I thought we had learned our lesson that we aren't epic hikers. I guess Jason forgot, because his pick for this months hike (one of my new year's resolutions is to go on at least one hike a month) was another epic uphill strenuous climb. 
The first part of the hike was pretty easy going. You follow a path through brushy areas and across little streams. It was a little tricky for Darwin to cross this bridge. The wood slats were about 4" wide with about 3" wide gaps between each one.

easy does it
oops! slipped through!
So green and lush!
There were a lot of little streams to cross over and for Darwin to splash in.
We also saw something I've never seen on a hike before.  Llamas!  Darwin was a little unsure of them at first as we approached them from behind
Jason's a quick walker and the llamas were moving at a slower pace so we found a wider spot on the path so we could pass them. As usual with anything that Darwin is unsure (scared) of she tried to walk pass them with the greatest distance between them as possible.
We ended up passing them three times (we took a detour to the falls where they passed us) so Darwin has been llama proofed! By the third time of passing them she could care less that they were there.

This first 1.7 miles was the easiest part of the hike stay tuned for the rest of the 2000ft ascent to Serene Lake!

A little over an hour's drive north east of Seattle, the hike to Lake Serene is a beautiful, but tough one.

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  1. Jason did a wonderful job of choosing a hike! What a beautiful trail! I lived on a llama ranch, in the 80's, that offered hikes. The yuppies paid big bucks to have the llamas carry their packs!

    Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  2. Love that you just so happened to run into llamas! And I enjoy seeing your hikes. One day, I hope we find the perfect place.

  3. Wish we had dog friendly trails like that around here! We found out the hard way there weren't but it was fun in the mean time :))

  4. that looks like a great hike!
    llamas?!?!?! people keep them as pets and take them hiking?!?!

    brave darwin :)

  5. What a wonderful adventure for Darwin, but how long is this hike, round trip? It would take us all week to rest up after a jaunt like that! And mama couldn't do it at all anymore. We'd love to see some llamas, though.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Wowzers, does that look like FUN! Except for that Trippy Trap Bridge thing... that would have been pretty scary.
    I would have wanted to sit and stare at the llamas - or play with them. I'm like that.
    Great job, Darwin!!!
    Play bows,

  7. what crazy creatures!


  8. Gorgeous hike! Those slats with gaps would have spooked me too Darwin. I've never met a llama so I have no idea how I would react. They look like they'd be great to have along to help carry all my food and water though ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Oh Darwin!! You were brave on that bridge! I would have been too terrified! And llamas! How cool is that! I've never met llamas - do they smell weird??!! :-)

    By the way, (can't remember if I told you?) I answered your question about barking on my blog - hope that's OK - in case other people might be interested too. So if you don't mind, you'll have to go back to my Ask Honey post to see my reply to your comment!

    Honey the Great Dane