04 November 2011

{04nov2011: Barclay Lake}

One thing I love about living in Seattle is going to the pumpkin patch in the fall. We tie it in with a hike to make it a full day activity with something for everyone.
I have yet to find a dog friendly pumpkin patch, so while Jason and I find perfect pumpkins, poor Darwin has to wait in the car. We've been going to Craven Farm the last two years because there's so much more there than just pumpkins. This year we were cold and trying to get to a hike further away so we just stuck to pumpkins.

After getting my pumpkins we got Darwin out of the car so she could stretch her legs (and have a potty break) before heading out to the hiking spot.
Jason had picked a hike so we could see some fall colors, but as we were leaving Craven Farm we realized it was a lot further east than we wanted to go (2 hour drive from where we were) so we got out the iphone and looked up a closer hike. Jason chose Barclay Lake.
It was a fairly easy hike (pretty flat) but beautiful, as most Washington hikes are.
We tried to move off the main path when other people were passing, but sometimes Darwin just wasn't having it. Thankfully most of the people we passed were happy to give Darwin attention.
Usually when we hike (or go to the park) Darwin won't walk away from us, she'll walk right in front of us (literally, right in front where we have to push her along) or a few steps away. This time though she gathered up some courage and would walk ahead of us by a dozen feet (3-4m) or so.
We found a tree with a tunnel through it's trunk. I had Jason go through it first.
And surprisingly Darwin followed!
Then we got to one of Darwin's favorite things... a wooden bridge. She quickly ran ahead and ran across, then ran back to get us, then led the way over again.
We soon made it to the lake... 
and the sun managed to come out. So we found a couple logs and hung out for a bit.
We followed the trail past the lake and as far as it went, then turned around and headed back.
We ended the day at Diamond Knot Brewery for a post hike meal and beveridges.


  1. I love pumpkin picking too! Looks like you guys did a great job picking some!
    I love Darwin's bandanna!

  2. Everything about this adventure is PAWSOME. My family did the pumkin patch thingy too...without me! But I did get a couple of tastey, toasted pumkin seeds!
    I LOVE your stylish, festive bandana; very chic. Perfect for a romp through the forest on a fall day. And how brave of you to get your feetie feet wet in the lake! Mommy and I just love your scenic photos.

    Puppy Love,

  3. Hey, what iphone app do you use to find the hiking places...or do you just go to WTA? Todd's been to Diamond Knot. He said they have some great food. Did you carve those pumpkins?

  4. Hi Darwin, those pumpkins are HUGE. Your walk looked fabulous. You are a lucky girl. Have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. what a cool adventure. It sure is beautiful there
    Benny & Lily

  6. does the pumpkin patch provide the wheelbarrows?

    that hike looks beautiful! i wish ollie would walk next to us. he'd be all over the place if we took him off leash :(

  7. Crikey...those pumpkins are HUGE!

    Barclay lake looked like a fabulous walk and Darwin certainly enjoyed it.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  8. You have the most beautiful places to go hiking!!! What fun - and what great photos! Thanks for taking us along.
    Play bows,

  9. Oh Darwin,
    you are so lucky your humans are always thinking of finding a new hiking place for you so you do not get bored!
    How sweet of them!
    I love this walk you did, must have been nice staying on the lake for a while.
    I like the close picture your human took of you on the lake. The bandana is very cool!
    But your collar is still what I prefer of your outfit ;-)

  10. Our favorite pic is the one of Darwin ducking as she went through the tree with a hole in it, like she might hit her head. Gorgeous hike, but it's a bit odd for us to see so much green so late in autumn. Of course, we don't have as many evergreens as you do.

    Jed & Abby

  11. Awesome pics! The bridge looks scary to me....thanks for sharing!

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  13. I just love your pumpkin posts every year! And what a wonderful hike pictures as usual – although I thought Darwin was incredibly brave to go on that narrow bridge! I don't think I would have gone on it myself!


  14. You all picked out some dandy pumpkins :) Your hikes are always in such beautiful locations. Nice pick of Barclay Lake Jason! That tree with the hole in it was fun :) Pretty brave of Darwin to check out the safety of the wooden bridge for ya before you crossed. Paws up to you Darwin! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  15. Your posts always make me wish we lived near a more nature-friendly area. And love the Darwin-sized pumpkins!

  16. Darwin is so funny at sticking close in walks! Juno has some tips on how to ditch the human units, sibe fashion of course! Darwin's butt in the tree pict is so darlin'. It reminds me of loki's when he thinks he's in trouble!

  17. Darwin, what a fun trip! It looks like you had so much fun from all the pictures! I love the one of you splashing through the water.

    Also, nice Halloween costume.


    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family tomorrow!

  18. Wow, tunnel tree. My sister Bella would love that. Darwin you are so brave to do the tunnel tree and a bridge.

    Your hike looks like a lot of fun.