09 November 2011

{09nov2011: wordless Wednesday}

Darwin's arrival to daycare edition:

if the video isn't loading, you can watch it here.


  1. Ha roo! I love it! "Hey, everyone! I'm here and I'm ready to play!"
    Hope you have a fun day!
    Play bows,

  2. Hi B and Darwin - where are all your friends? "B" my dad sent you an e-mail regarding acupuncture, did you get it?

  3. LOL! She has to let everyone know that the queen has arrived:)

  4. so i take it darwin likes day care now? does she go everyday?

  5. Hi Darwin,

    This note's for your mom but you can read it too.

    Acupuncture may help but it’s not immediate and the positive effects may take several treatment sessions before they’re apparent. My dad goes to see Sonia at Red Tree Wellness http://www.redtreewellness.com/ for some pain that he was having in his big toes. The pain was slowing him down and he had trouble keeping up with me. My dad says that you can e-mail Sonia Tan through her web-site to get an answer about whether acupuncture would help. My dad is not advocating that you see Sonia or drive all the way up here although it would be nice to meet to meet Darwin (and you and Jason too). Besides, there must be good, qualified ones in Seattle. Anyways Sonia’s web-site will give you some worthwhile information about acupuncture and an idea of the fees that are charged although my dad’s company’s extended health plan provides coverage up to a yearly limit. I’m assuming that your employer has a similar provision.

    Anyways my dad’s still going to see Sonia in order to remedy some other problems and he seems to be much better although it took 6 treatment sessions. Your practitioner should be able to estimate how many treatments it’ll likely take before you feel some positive changes. Acupuncture worked on my great angel uncle Max who had arthritis and rather than putting him on medication that could harm his kidneys, my mom and dad took him to acupuncture every weekend for six weeks and then when Max showed positive results (he was able to get up by himself without pain or stiffness), they kept going every weekend then cut it back to twice a month alternating with swimming every other weekend.

    Max lived without pain from arthritis until the end but my mom and dad kept up with the swimming and acupuncture treatments.

    Please let me know if you have any questions at mydogsam01@gmail.com

    Sammy Sam

  6. Someone sure enjoys going to daycare

    Stop by for a visit

  7. Ha! Ha! I love the way you have to "ANNOUNCE" your presence, Darwin!!

    "La Darwin has arrived"...!

    I'm always amazed when I hear you bark & talk because Honey is such a QUIET dog and we thought all Danes were like that! :-)

    And I have to say, Brook, that I think Darwin looks very happy & relaxed going into daycare - her tail is up & wagging, her body language relatively happy & relaxed - and she walks willingly off with them - not pulling & straining back and looking at you - so, although she might not play much (yet!) - I know you're always very concerned but I do think she seems pretty happy there!


  8. Where do you go to Day care? We don't talk much when we go into day care we complain to mom a lot in the car ride home from day care!

  9. BOL. Had to make sure all her buddies knew she was there!!
    Smooches,BabyRD & Hootie

  10. Hi Darwin, looks like you are happy enough to enter and go see your friends. You sound like Rory too or vise versa, he sounds like you. Take care beautiful girl. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  11. Well Darwin,
    you really do not look like a doggie that hates this place...!!!
    But I think your human is like mine, they want the best for us!
    Love your voice!!!!
    Ciao Lucille

  12. Barb's Cats and QuiltsNovember 19, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    Brooke, I love your blogs. Darwin is one smart cookie. The hiking pictures are stunning and are the places I dream about living near. Here in Missouri, we have brown muddy rivers and corn fields.

  13. Hi Darwin !

    I loved the video. I wish I had daycare too where we live, so I could go and play with some friends instead of staying alone when they are at uni. Or maybe I'd be like you, waiting for my humans to come and pick me up. But at least you do not look like you hate the place as you seem very happy when you arrive :)
    Love your barking!