10 November 2011

{10nov2011: smart}

Thank goodness, Darwin isn't this smart:

You can view it here if the video doesn't work.

A few things regarding Darwin's daycare entry video yesterday, she always enters that way. If no one is sitting at the front desk when she walks in she won't bark til they come out from the back. One time she walked in and the guy called her another dog's name (there are a couple blue Dane's that go there) and as soon as she "talked" to him and he knew it was her. hahaha While she's totally fine going into daycare (no pulling, resisting, etc), when we watch the webcam she always looks so unhappy. Every once in a blue moon she'll play with another dog for a few minutes, but most of the time she stands facing the door waiting to get picked up; head low, just standing. I wonder sometimes if she should get put in another area (they have multiple rooms). One camera shows a room with far less dogs and I think maybe she'd feel more relaxed with less dogs. 
Nala and Tanner, Darwin's been going to The Barking Lounge the last year or so. I like that they have a webcam. I don't like that the big dog area is always PACKED. 
Ollie, she goes almost once a week. Even with wogs (walk+jog) and big weekend park outings she still has a ton of energy during the week. We figure a day of day care is good for her.


  1. Hi Darwin, it's just a matter of time before you figure the door "trick" out. Oh, to your mom, my mom and dad thought about regular doggie daycare but there's four of us and a couple of us have issues so that option was out. So they opted for dog-walkers/care takers to come over during the day to take us for walkies and to look after me. But I think that Darwin would be more comfortable with fewer active dogs as opposed to more. Just a thought.

  2. That is one smart dog!! Mom is glad none of us have figured that door trick out yet. Maybe Darwin would feel more comfortable with fewer active dogs like Sam said.
    Good Luck.

  3. That is one smart doggie! I couldn't do that! I am not sure how I would do at daycare. I would probably stand and wait for Beth -- I don't like being without her....

  4. Must... not... let the boys see...
    KZK :)

  5. maybe she is overwhelmed with lots of dogs. i noticed when we took ollie to the pet walk this year he seemed real "blah"...not peppy and excited...but then when we went the other weekend to a pet festival that still had a lot of dogs, but not an overwhelming amount, he seemed so much happier and he ran around and was a lot more social.

  6. Hi Darwin, great video. Our angel brother Oscar used to mouth the door knobs but never quite worked out how to open them. Thank goodness.

    We haven't been to doggie day care but mum has looked into it. Not sure whether we will go or not as its quite a way from where we live.

    Instead of daycare Mum says are there any friends you play with that you could stay at their home one day a week while your mum and dad work (and maybe pay them whatever you pay the daycare place).

    Take care all. We love you Darwin. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. You are going to be working as a staff member soon
    Benny & Lily

  8. Sometimes doggie day care isn't for every dog..bit like children and nurseries.
    What's Darwin like when she's left at home?

    If Darwin spends most of her time standing at the door waiting to be picked up..maybe just keep her at home and have lots of fun and play when you get home or as Stella & Rory's Mum suggests can a friend whose dog Darwin really likes and is comfortable with have her instead.

    we'd love to have Darwin over to play..but we think we is a bit too far away!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  9. gosh! Can that dog really be a Dane? Surely it's too clever? :-) On the other hand – I had to laugh when it opened the door the first time because it just stood there like "what –?" And didn't seem to really understand what it had done – and then it pushed the door shut again! Duh! I wonder if it really understands what it is doing and trying to open the door or just playing with that tucked away against the door knob! :-)

    And yes, about daycare, if Darwin really is spending all her time standing by the door waiting to be picked up then maybe she really isn't very happy there. I think your thoughts about the place being too busy might be right. Just like people, some dogs prefer being in less crowded places (I have to say, myself, I hate being in crowded places – I feel very antisocial but I always much prefer walking in big empty places then in parks crowded with lots of other people and dogs).

    Is there no way you could look around and see if there might be another daycare that would take fewer dogs? Otherwise, what other people have suggested, about finding a friend who will let Darwin go over for the day to spend some time with their dog might be a good option. I don't know how feasible that is for you.

    I also know that over here, there are pet sitters who have their own dogs and they offer to let your dog stay with them & their dog for the day...you would have to find one with a dog that gets on with Darwin but if you do, it might work really well coz it would just be one or 2 other dogs...


  10. Oh Darwin, you truly are amazing!!!
    Don't think you wanted to open the door at first, but you quickly understood that you can open the door by playing!!! Well done, and people say we are silly... this tells them that they were 100% wrong!!!
    My human does this also with me - she takes me in my pet hotel where they keep me also for hours, but even if there are less dogs I am frequently standing by the door... I only play with the puppy dog of the owner of the hotel, and not always!
    Guess we just want to stay home!
    But my human wants to know if you find any benefit by changing, she never gives up the hope to find a better place for me to stay when she is not with me.
    Ciao Lucille