31 January 2010

{30jan2010: Kona}

Update on Darwin's brother, Kona.  So that day I saw his craigslist ad I passed it onto my coworker, Darwin's breeder, and his wife and to the other owners of Darwin's siblings.  I posted it here on my blog, and I posted it to the Marymoor Dane group page.  I announced it in the office.  I pretty much told anyone I could. 
I emailed Kona's owner and called them to get as much information about him as I could. 
Kristie, Boo Radley's (Darwin's brother) owner, was just as concerned about Kona as I was.  We were emailing back and forth about what we could do to help him.
The great news is she managed to convince her husband to let them foster Kona and work on some leash issues and help find him his forever home.  She has a friend that may be interested in taking him, but if not we'll keep spreading the word about him to help him find a great home that gives him the love he deserves.  Kristie is totally awesome and generous (and her husband too)!  And I'm glad that as much as I wanted to do something to help Kona, that they are able to actually take him in temporarily and make sure he's well taken care of!
I'm excited because til he does find his new home, Darwin's playdates with her brother Boo will also be with her brother Kona!  


  1. I just read about the stuff with Darwin's brother. That's heartbreaking, and frustrating. Responsible pet owners should always research the breed before getting one...and it still boggles my mind how someone can underestimate the size of a Great Dane?!?!!! I don't think there are toy or teacup versions of danes, soo.... But, hopefully, everything will work out for him and a true dane person will give him a wonderful home.

  2. Oh, see, not everybody is an inhuman. :) There are plenty of wonderful people in the world, starting with your family. Keep us posted.

  3. BARK! We just found your blog, and immediatly our hearts went out to Darwin's brother. So glad someone will take him in and help him find his forever home. So sad... we doggies are part of the family the minute we wag a tail in your home! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  4. YIPPEE....that is such great news!! We are so happy! :)

    Nala & Amber

  5. Bravo to Kristi and bravo to you for doing all of this. Good deeds will be rewarded!!

  6. I am glad you are able to help your brother. Both the nice people that bred me and PeeWee have a clause in our contract that we will go back to live with them if for any reason Momma and Master can't take care of us. Of course there would be nothing to keep Momma from Cragslisting me (oh, I shudder to think). Anyway, it sounds like things will work out, I hope.


  7. You are Kona's hero! Kristie too of course but if you had not stumbled on him who knows what would have happened. uggh! I can't wait to 'meet' him on your next play date.