04 August 2012

{04aug2012: Quarantine Day 6}

The quarantine has no visiting hours on Sunday so we felt really bad for Darwin. 
This is how she felt about that:
heheh just kidding... cheap toy = quick destuffing while being used as a tug toy. 
We did bring her another treat, this time, some left over bread from our dinner the night before. Darwin is totally my girl... we both love our starches! :)
Four days left of jail... so close!


  1. Can't wait for Darwin to get out and you all be back together again. She seems to being handling it well though.

  2. Hi Darwin, 4 more days, countdown is definitely on.

  3. That is so furry sad they khan't let woo have a few hours on Sunday - I'm sure the khanines would SO benefit!

    We khan't wait to see release khoverage!


  4. My heart would be breaking to leave her. I think that you are all so brave. She looks like she is doing ok though.

  5. Its wonderful to see your family all under one roof again!

    We will be watching for further adventures.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat