31 August 2012

{31aug2012: mosquito walk}

Excuse the absence. Work's been crazy busy!
As I mentioned in the tick post, there's an abandoned railway that we've been taking Darwin on for walks. Great for off leash walks, bad for me as the mosquitoes here seem to love me and whenever we walk down there I can guarantee to get at least 3 new bites. Ugh.
To get there we have to walk a couple blocks from our temporary house (we will FINALLY move into our place next week - still in walking distance to the railway!) and there is so much for Darwin to smell!
There are also quite a number of dogs that live around us and whenever we walk by they go nuts barking at Dar. She's been really good at ignoring them and just hurrying  past.
Once we get to the trail we'll check to see that there aren't any walkers/joggers/dogs and if it's clear (which it usually is) we'll let her go!
Darwin loves when its been raining because then she gets to run through the puddles of mud.

Off leash time makes Darwin very happy!


  1. Darwin just looks great, very healthy and happy.What kind of collar does she wear?

    Jo and STella

  2. Howdy All, Darwin certainly looks happy on her walks. Bad luck about the mossies. Off leash walks are the best! Love the last photo. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Mosquitoes love me no matter how much spray I use

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Oh God - I know all about mosquitoes!!!!!

    So pleased to hear that you have managed to find a good place for Darwin to get some off-leash exercise...not easy in a tiny place like Singapore!!


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