11 August 2012

{11aug2012: summer picnic}

Darwin got released from quarantine at the perfect time. The next day, Saturday, was our office summer picnic! They chose a place on the east coast that's dog friendly so Darwin could make her big debut.
Before we could do that though, we had to give Darwin a bath. She was a little stinky from travel and quarantine, and we thought she should make her first impression be a non-stinky one. So she got her first outside with a hose bath.... she was not a fan.

Then the FUN began. Not really. In Singapore it is VERY expensive to own a car so most people get around by taxi, bus or MRT. Dogs aren't allowed on the bus or MRT, which means regular taxis, or special pet taxis. The thing is pet taxi's are expensive. We had called a company and they told us it would be s$65 to take Darwin to the east coast. ONE WAY. HECK NO! The thing about regular taxi's are that many taxi drivers won't take dogs (some for religious reasons, some because they are afraid of dogs, etc). So we called a cab company (Comfort Cabs) we were told were a little more easy to get a dog friendly driver and told them we had a large dog. It took us about an hour standing outside in the heat and 4 cabs to find one that would actually take us.

(We learned that if we book a cab notifying them we have a dog, they can't say no and we shouldn't ask and just get right in. That seemed to work.)

Over an hour late, but we finally made it to the picnic!

We were a little nervous about how Darwin would do with that many people all at once, and also how some people would take to her. She did great and for the most part everyone loved her.

I even got her accessories to wear to hopefully win over some nervous people.

It was a really hot day (who am I kidding, they are all hot days here) and since we were at the beach I thought we should give Darwin some time to cool off in the water.

In all the madness of getting ready to leave in the morning we had forgot to feed Darwin (bad doggy parents), but luckily there was leftover rice after everyone ate so Darwin didn't go completely hungry.

{i love rice!}

We were there for a few hours so Darwin got a fair share of beach time.


One of our bosses son's was visiting and he LOVED Darwin. She had a blast chasing him on the beach too.

I was surprised that Darwin wasn't scared of the waves on the beach. What she was scared of though was the thunderstorm that we got caught in before we left. Luckily Darwin had a new friend to comfort her.

While Darwin was being comforted, Jason and I were both on our phones trying to call a taxi to pick us up. MAN. That was tough. Being that it was dumping down rain I think everyone in Singapore was trying to call a taxi at the same time. It took us an hour just to find one that would come, and while standing waiting for it we all got soaked. We had a blanket for Darwin though and covered the back seat and thankfully the cab driver didn't make a fuss that we were bringing a HUGE wet dog into his cab.
We survived our first adventure in a cab with Darwin. Whew.


  1. Darwin looks so pretty in her accessories. Sounds like you have the same problems with taxis there as I have in the UK. Sharing our lives with Great Danes certainly gives us lots of opportunities to problem solve.

  2. Darwin seems to handle the New Faces and New Places very well, you are doing a great job with the transition for her!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. She (and you) did great! What an adventure!! BTW, I love your dress!!

  4. Hi B: Thanks, that was a really great overview of your company's beach picnic. We're really glad that Darwin had a great time as well as you and J. I suppose that you'll always be bringing along a blanket for Darwin to sit on while she's in a cab. I agree that's not a good idea to tell cab companies that you have a "large" dog in advance. To them, a "dog is a dog". If they say anything after they see Darwin, just tell them that you gave her too much "growth formula" when she was little. Oops. Have a good one B.

  5. It looks like Darwin made some great friends there!
    Glad you were able to take her with you.
    Play bows,

  6. What a fun outing

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. Howdy Darwin, so glad everything has settled down for you. HOw amazing that you have to travel in taxis. Glad the beach was fun. See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. What a nightmare to get a taxi..eek..there's a dog taxi business opportunity for someone in Singapore!! Darwin loks super-dooper in her Hawaiin lei and it covers up that metal contraption on her neck eeeeek...ouchieee! :(
    have a look at this http://www.premier.com/View.aspx?page=dogs/products/collars/easywalk/description

    - better to buy it on Amazon and check out a few youtube videos on it..you'll love it.xx