03 April 2010

{02apr2010: UGH}

April has started off with a BANG.  
We got home from work yesterday to a pile of diarrhea in the hallway (funny in a way cause Duchess just left a similar gift for her family) and dirt from my planter I'm trying to start seeds in in the living room.  OI.  While Jason took Darwin out for a walk I cleaned up her mess (again... how have I been designated the poop-in-house-cleaner?).  I cook dinner and give Darwin a few pieces of raw chicken as a treat on her regular kibble (she's so spoiled even when she makes a mess in the house she still gets a treat... but when we eat meat she eats meat).  We eat our dinner and are finishing up, when out comes Darwin and throws up all her food in the living room.  She has a thing about not chewing her food and just swallowing.  Is that all dogs?  Or is that just her? 
So we go to get the cleaning supplies out (again) and she proceeds to "help" clean up her mess.  Since she still wants to eat it, we put it in her bowl so Jason can clean the carpet.  Just as he's finishing, she comes back out in the living room and I can tell what's about to happen.  I run over, shove my cupped hands under face and she throws up again.  This time it's nasty stuff deep from her stomach.  UGH.  Jason was not happy.  We clean up again (as well as we could... this is going to require renting a steam cleaner this weekend) and throw out all her food and only give her water the rest of the night.  
Poor dog.  

We also still haven't heard from the neurologist about her spinal fluid test results!  I am so annoyed with them right now.  Tuesday they said it would take 24 hours for them to get the results back.  Wednesday after work we hadn't heard from them so I called to see what was going on.  They say there seems to be a backlog but they should get the results that night or the next day and they'll give us a call.  Thursday came and went (with a bang) and still no call.  Today I call them back and oh, "the neurology department isn't in on Friday's maybe they'll get back to you on Monday."  OI.  I paid you guys how much money to get tests done that you said we'd hear back on two days ago and yet you can't even call to say "hey, so I know we said 24 hours, then 36 hours, but we still haven't gotten those results back and we're not in tomorrow but we'll give you a call on Monday when we get in."  Is that too much to ask?!

I'm not a fan of posts with no pictures so here are some pictures of Darwin from one year ago today:
That's doggy toothpaste (chicken flavor) on her nose.
Thank goodness the weekend is almost here.


  1. Aw poor Darwin, I hope her belly gets better.

    woof - Tucker

  2. Paws khrossed fur ALL of woo to have a better weekend than woo had today!


  3. So sorry to hear that Darwin is even less comfortable. Did you start her on any new supplements yet? I forget but didn't you start her on the treatment in case she has meningitis? A friend of ours with a gentle giant gives him yogurt for upset tummies. She's also been told never to feed right after a walk. I think the vet recommends about an hour. Darn! So you clean up the rear and Jason the front? Trying to make you smile cause the silly doctors sure aren't.

  4. Oh, what beautiful blue eyes!
    I guess I didn't realize our dogs eat food whole either, until Miss M. threw up last night and I found full chunks of pear-apple and kibble. Throw up is no fun...

  5. poor Darwin... and poor y'all the cleaning team! I just hate it when they want to eat their food he second time around... ugh... hope for soon recovery..

  6. Poor Darwin! Hope you guys are having a better weekend and hope they call you back on Monday! I know how annoying that can be!

    Mochi kind of throws up often so we know all about cleaning that up! Yuck! She's gotten really good about telling us when she needs to do that so we usually get her out in the yard in time.

    Happy Easter!


  7. Ugh! Sometimes I see the katz barfing after they inhale their food. Hope you're feeling good enough today to get a special Easter treat!! Maybe do a walk since it looks like somewhat decent weather today.

    Since I've gotten my big teeth, I actually chew my food. But, mom doesn't feed me out of a bowl, but from treat dispensers (bob-a-lot, tug-a-jug), so I have to work for my food and it usually takes me about 20 minutes to finish. However, she does give me my dessert (pumpkin or addiction and fish oil) out of a bowl, but that requires no chewing.

    Hope you're feeling better!!

  8. Oh poor Darwin! Poor mom and dad! Yuh, my idiot brother is a gulper too and when he pukes it looks the same as when it went down.

    Hope you feel better my big beautiful friend. Thanks for the adorable baby pictures and shame on the vet for taking so long.


  9. Oh no Darwin! I hope your tummy feels better. My tummy is like steel tough, I throw up and then eat it. I even wrote a poem about it if woo remember!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia