20 April 2010

{19apr2010: weekend review}

Well this weekend seemed downright boring compared to last weekend's activities, but here's what we did.
I finally knitted my first scarf

Thanks to Cassie, mom of Baby Rocket and Hootie who sent me a scarf knitting kit back in February!
Darwin really like the scarf and even wore it out on a walk around the block.
Sunday it was a beautiful sunny day again in Seattle, so after I took a trip to the Ballard Farmer's Market we headed out to Beveridge because April is "IPApril" and Jason had to check it out.  
Darwin has been pretty tired all weekend and had a couple accidents on her bed and the couch.... We think it's all her medication getting to her, and we feel so bad for her.  She is not her usual peppy puppy self, and we've been worried for her.  I called the neurologist's office this morning to make sure it's just side effects from her drugs and not potentially anything else, and they think it is just the drugs but said to keep watching her and to take her in if she starts vomiting or gets diarrhea or gets any more lethargic.  We had let her go hang out with her brother Boo twice last week, and we're going to cut it back to once this week to see if maybe we were just keeping her too active.


  1. So is that scarf for Darwin, or is she just modeling it now? I noticed she is also tall enough to just gaze over and be table-level. That must make dining interesting....

  2. Here's hoping Darwin gets to feeling better very soon!!!

  3. darwin looks good in red :) is that her scarf?

    hope she feels better soon. poor darwin.

  4. Oh, wow, Darwin! You look gorgeous in red! Did your mom make that just for you?
    We sure hope the meds are what's making you leak and stuff. I know your mom will take good care of you!
    Going to that little outdoor cafe looks like fun! Did you get to do some people watching? I love watching people!
    Play bows,
    PS: No, apples are not on my short list of acceptable foods list - but that's OK. I love getting bananas, so I'm just thrilled that I can still have those! And frozen peas! YUM!!! :)

  5. Poor Darwin - we had the same problems with Jake when he was on meds. He's never had accidents in the house and as soon as we had to put him on meds we were cleaning up pee all the time.

    We quickly regretted getting the long shaggy carpet. :( Hope Darwin gets to feeling better soon.

  6. Ahhh, we hope Darwin gets back to her normal self soon and gets all better! :( She still looks as beautiful as ever though. And that IPApril thing sounds fun although I am not an IPA fan myself. The scarf is aweome and looks great on darwin. Justin wants me to take up knitting...one day. It would definitely be fun to learn. :)

    Amber & Nala

  7. Not boring at all. I hope you feel better soon, little friend. I know that the medicines can have something called side effects which are icky.


  8. Fancy scarf- i'd wear around town too. except now i can't stop drooling over the IPAs sitting on the table. IPApril.. a good month:)


  9. Darwin looks great with her scarf! :)

    I hope she feels better soon!