27 April 2010

{26apr2010: VOTE!}

Ok, yes I know I just asked you all to vote last week on something totally non-dog related.  But this time Darwin is entered in a contest hosted by a local radio station and our pet store, All The Best Pet Care.  We could win a trip to the Oregon Coast!
You'll have to create an account to vote, but it's a quick process.
Darwin is number 170 out of 365 entries (A LOT!), and on page 15 if you look at the gallery version or you can search Darwin.
Click HERE to go to the voting page.

Darwin says "thank you" to you all!

**Update! seems like the link isn't working for some of you. If you go to the All The Best Pet Care website you can click on the banner on the right side of their page and get to the contest there.


  1. Hmm...Ill vote for Darwin, but Im going to enter Domino also!! It looks like there is a lot of good competition!! :)

  2. I tried to get on to vote and it doesn't work....sorry....I'll try later....

  3. we will vote fur you :D

    El'bow & Hauwii

  4. I can't get on the site... I even went and disabled cookies and it's still not working. Is the site down?