09 April 2010

{08apr2010: the ramp}

Since Darwin has been reluctant to jump into the car lately we decided to get her a ramp.  I Googled ramps and read reviews and eventually we decided on this one.

image from Amazon
We liked that it was light and fairly compact.  I was concerned about the width (16") but she seems to have no problem with it.
It came on Monday and we introduced Darwin to it by having it open on the ground and putting treats on it.  I put her leash on and in no time she was walking across it like a pro.  Tuesday we took her for a walk and when we got back decided to give it another try, this time at an incline.
We did a few rounds going up and down the ramp at this lower incline, then moved into the garage to try her into Jason's car.

I was such the proud mom.  Jason said our neighbors probably thought I was crazy the way I was carrying on about her.

We also got another package last night.
Darwin's drugs for treating her meningitis. 
She was very interested in what was in the box.

Since she was so excited about it, and we need to give her these pills every 12 hours I started right then.  Here's what she has to take twice a day for the next three weeks:
10 pills!  Two times a day!  For three weeks!  Actually it'll only be 19 pills, the white Tramadol we only give once a day.  We'll be going through a lot of peanut butter in the next few weeks.  (Darwin used to get her pills stuffed in string cheese chunks, but she's learned to eat the cheese and spit out the pill.  She loves peanut butter though and if we coat the pills in peanut butter she gobbles them down like candy!  And she gets to lick my fingers and the spoon after.)
What we have experienced so far with the Prednisone after one round of pills... excessive thirst and hunger... in the middle of the night.  OI.  Here's a website that lists some of the side effects of Prednisone.  Starting at 1am she had to go out to use the bathroom, then was up guzzling down water like she was in a desert, then pacing and panting and gnawing on her raw bone.  I was up til 3 watching her and making sure she was ok.  What a night.  She's also taking Doxycycline and Clindamycin and both those antibiotics have diarrhea listed as a side effect.  Let's hope she doesn't have a reaction to those!


  1. I'm glad she likes peanut butter for her pills. It's no fun when they learn that you're hiding pills in their treats!!!

  2. Ahhh poor Darwin...I hope she doesn't have too many side effects if any from the prednisone. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. I know the Peanut Butter is a miracle for getting my Josie to swallow any pills I need her to take. She licks the spoon and my fingers too (I was laughing when reading your post because I can totally relate). Sending lots of Pet Therapy healing thoughts your way so that she gets better soon. Much Love, Woof! Josie

  3. Soon she will be as skilled as a tightrope walker. I'm assuming all the pills are because she's so big? Good luck with the recovery...

  4. AWESOME on the Ramp! I am excited all the way across the country! That is a wonderful thing to do for her and so glad she took to it so well (thanks to your careful introduction!). Awesome.
    As for pills... not so awesome. I especially hate giving dogs capsules. Might not be justified but I think they are more likely to eat around them and one doggie I dogsat would chew them and little puffs of powder come out of her mouth Oi! You have quite a job with that many pills. If you want some variety I find that whipped cream cheese works well too. Less fattening (not an issue for her) but I find it sticks to the pills enough to disguise them but not such a mess on fingers and spoons. I actually drag the pill right through the cream cheese (must be whipped kind) so I eliminate the need for spoons/knives. Just a suggestion... PB is a favorite but if you get tired of it might be worth a try! (also- Moose has his own container that I don't use for people so there is no issue with using fingers in the container.).
    Paws crossed that all of this care results in a cured doggie and I hope the side effects will lessen a bit too. That sounds exhausting!

  5. poor darwin! that's a load of pills. i hope it helps her get well though.

  6. We sure hope everything works out! We have a joke here -- well, our mom does. The best way to get a Siberian to take a pill is to "accidentally" drop it on the floor and yell "Don't eat that!!" Hee hee hee. :)
    Great idea with the ramp = and you're VERY smart to get Darwin used to it while she's young!

  7. Holy Horsepills!!! Probably a good time to buy stock in peanut butter. Don't worry. 3 weeks will fly by. Hope you feel better!

  8. Great job with walking the ramp, arrrrgh!

    Paws khrossed fur the pills to help do their stuffs!

    Maybe I should ask fur some peanut butter now just bekhause!


  9. what a lots of pilllls
    and that ramp is very very good fur doggys

    El'bow & Hauwii

  10. Hello, my sweet sweet furiend. I've been a bit MIA regarding comments, but don't think for a minute I don't care and I don't keep tabs on you via GR. I am really proud of how you are dealing with the ramp. You know it takes me 5 minutes to cross that thing? Now be a good girl and listen to your parents and you will be just fine.

  11. Oh my goodness - what a lot of pills!! Poor Darwin - and poor you! But we find that coating in peanut butter works quite well too. (Although to be honest, Honey is so dumb - if I held a pill up and made a lot of fuss of it and said, "oooh - yum! yum!" - she'd probably just swallow it, thikning it was a treat! :-)

    That's a great idea about the ramp! We keep thinking we should get one for Honey too - to get her used to it in preparation for future when she's older and it's too hard for her to jump in & out of the car...but I'm so reluctant to have to carry around YET ANOTHER huge heavy thing! (Am just struggling to get used tp her new crate!) And they're so hideously expensive too - I think we'd have to order one from the US or UK. Also, the ones I've seen seem a bit flimsy and bounce & bend a bit when a large dog walks on it - I sort of worry a bit about it sliding off when Honey gets on! But yours looks very solid and good...didn't move much when Darwin walked on it (how much does she weigh, if you don't mind me asking?) - and what's the brand of your ramp? I might check it out!


  12. Darwin! You did great with the ramp for sure. I have still not actually tried mine out to get into the mastiff mobile, but am looking forward to it.


  13. Hi Darwin,

    My mom didn't know you were ill so I told her to go and read your older posts. I hope you feel better soon but wow that really is alot of pills (even for a big doggie like you).

    You were such a cutie of a puppy.

    Mom bought one of those ramps for me and I would never use it so mom gave up...she may have to try again with me since I'm getting older. It's just been sitting in the garage collecting dust.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane