08 September 2010

{07sept2010: should've would've could've}

This should have been Darwin and Sunshade or Jaffa meeting for the first time, but no it's not. 

This would have been Darwin and Sunshade or Jaffa rolling around on the ground together, but unfortunately it isn't.

This could have been Darwin and Jaffa playing a round of bitey face, but it's not because we woke up yesterday morning to Darwin coughing and hacking.  We had a date to meet up with Sunshade and Jaffa for that afternoon, but with the morning coughing we were worried Darwin was dealing with another round of kennel cough and we didn't want to infect Sunshade and the landshark.  
So rather this is Darwin meeting a random Airedale at the park a couple weeks ago (who definitely could have used a visit to Squaire dog grooming).
Oh and after we canceled our meet up, we didn't hear a single cough out of Darwin for the rest of the day.  Hopefully great that it isn't another kennel cough flare up, but annoying that we canceled meeting up with blog friends!  Grrrr.
Sorry Sunshade and Jaffa (and Elaine and D-guy)!  


  1. Bummer!

    But, I'm sure woo will make a date fur another time!


  2. It's like the opposite of playing sick. If only she knew what she missed out on.

  3. Best to err on the side of caution!
    Tail wags,

  4. Hello Darwin (and Brooke)!!

    Don't worry, we will definitely meet up next time one of us go down (or up)! Mum was actually really sick on the day we were suppose to meet up, we canceled on another friend that we were suppose to meet. We were about to send you an e-mail when we saw that you were sick too. So we are sorry TOO!!

    You seemed to have had a great time with that Airedale (who like you said, really should have gotten a hairecut!). Maybe you will like us too (maybe STINKY more since he plays).

    I'm so glad you liked the sign, we bought it here in Vancouver! We don't see many Airedale related stuff here, but mum has all the stores scouted out so she knows where to go to get breed specialty thingies.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade