29 September 2010

{28sept2010: winner}

I forgot to pick a name this weekend for the book contest!  We did it last night while trying to entertain Darwin.   
We played the cupcake pan and ball game, and with the treats in each hole we also put a paper with a name for whoever left a comment on the entry post.  It took a few tries, only because I kept turning off the recorder as soon as she picked a ball without recording who she picked!  Doh!
And the winner is.....

Tucker, congratulations!  Email us (darwinthedane (at) gmail (dot) com) your mailing address and we'll get the book out to you!


  1. Oh, so clever! I was also marveling at how many balls Darwin has; she must love catch! Congrats to Tucker!

  2. That's such a cute way to pick names! :) Congrats Tucker!

    Mochi & Bali

  3. wow - do you have a lot of balls in your household or what?! Honey would love to live there! hee! Hee! What a cool way to pick a winner. Congrats to Tucker!


  4. Oh I luvs the cupcake pan game, but the treats were missing? BOL, I would've picked me too Darwin, great choice.

    I'll send you my address today.

    woof - Tucker