10 September 2010

{09sept2010: balancing fail}

The other day I came across a new (to me) blog, Dear World, It's Me Liz, about a girl and her English Bulldog, Bogart.  She had a post from a couple months ago that had me cracking up and jealous at the same time.  See if you can contain your laughter after checking out Bogart.

The cheeto eyebrows are the best.

See, I've tried before to balance things on Darwin's face/head and she never lets me even get close.  Even for Biggie's Dog Pile Contest a while back, Darwin would only let me put things on her body, but not her head.

After seeing Bogart's impressive balancing act I was inspired to give it another try with Dar.

Jason said I was being mean since Darwin was totally not into it and since apples are one of her most favorite snacks.  I wasn't letting her off so easily though and made her work for her treat by at least letting me balance it on her foot.

So not the same as her head. 
I know I probably should've used something smaller and easier to balance than a big apple, but it was the first thing I grabbed.  I'm not giving up yet!


  1. I love that photo too! We've been trying to balance things on their head, but they're just not having it. Just like Darwin, they will lay still and I can pile treats all over their bodies, but once it gets on their head or face it's over for us.

  2. Good try Darwin! I think its a fail though because of those "big dog nobbys" that they have on their heads...

  3. Hilarious post! Just because our blog momma's are determined! BOL Long time no see, but I came running when I got your comment. Hey, Darwin, I was actually hoping to snuggle with you to make it through the cold winter months. Under a paw would be nice. BTW I'm getting my bow and arrow ready for when you finally balance that apple on your majestic ginormous head.
    much love and lots of xos

  4. Great try Darwin! I do believe you are getting it. Beth has been putting stuff on me since I was 8 weeks old so I am use to it. Keep up the good work!

  5. Those cheeto eyebrows were definitely hilarious (and pretty amazing). I'll see if I can get anything to balance on Remi's head...maybe one of the cats :)

  6. Great job woo two!

    Maybe woo should take your akht on the road!


  7. ahahahaha. i love it! i tried to do that with ollie with a tiny treat. but he won't let me go anywhere near his face.

    i like the paw balance too :)

  8. I'm just seeing this now! Haha! Oh my gosh, I love that picture of all the toys on Darwin! Our dogs are so patient with us. :) I don't even remember how I got Bogart to balance things. He's very food motivated, so I use that. He has quickly learned that if he cooperates he gets yummy treats. For example, he did get to eat that strawberry. ;)He also knows the command "wait" really well.

  9. Oh man! Momma has tried that sort of thing with me and it just makes me go all cross eyed. I hope you are feeling better now, sweet Darwin.


  10. Our mom said treats aren't as slippy as apples... not that we'd EVER let her do that! Um... we have balanced various stuffies on our heads, though. I don't know why this amuses my mom!
    PS: You can see how not-amused I am here:

  11. Let me know if you find any way to make it work. Jack doesn't seem to understand the concept of keeping things on his head either :)

  12. Ohhh Darwin... I thought I had it bad... you're not that much better LOL. I hope this post doesn't give mum ideas, but... knowing her.... I won't balance anything on my head either, especially not yummies I like. Good job with the foot balancing act though.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade