21 September 2010

{20sept2010: camping trip}

The other week we took a couple days off before Labor Day weekend to get one last camping trip in (college football season was starting and Jason has to be home on Saturdays for football).  This time we went with our friends and Darwin's bff, Juneau, and they took us to a great spot a couple hours south east of Seattle.  

This was a view of Mount Rainer on our drive to the spot.  
We left Seattle around 530 and didn't get to the camping spot til close to 730-800.  Being that it's the end of summer the sun goes down around that time, so as soon as we got there we quickly set up tents in the dark.  It was raining earlier in the week and it was sort of a last minute planned trip, and no one brought dry wood, so we all scattered about looking for reasonably dry pieces so we could start a fire.  We had a little luck, but most of it was damp so we had a small smokey fire, and it was FREEZING that night.  By the time we got to camp, my car said it was 48F outside, meaning that it was probably below 40F throughout the night.  I had been feeling sick earlier in the week and Darwin was tired too, so we both headed to bed earlier, trying to keep warm (without much luck).  It was a rough night, let me tell you.
But in the morning we all got up to a beautiful warm sunny day.

We spent the morning sitting out in the sun, reading, walking the lake and doing some fishing in the lake.
{Dar taking a walk with Aileen and Joo}

And for the first time (maybe ever), Darwin actually laid down on the ground and relaxed! She's becoming an outdoorsy city dog!

More pictures to come!


  1. such gorgeous pictures! love that picture of darwin in the lake!

  2. What great pictures! I love that you have such great scenery nearby, and still live in a big city. Maybe we need to move West...

  3. What pawesome sights to see!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  4. looks like a pawsome trip! Dat's one giant fish your human caught!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. Lucille the Italian Great DaneSeptember 22, 2010 at 4:58 AM

    Wow, what a wonderful location!
    In all honesty you were really brave.... I never went to a place to sleep in a tent like that... I am sure I would love it, not sure about my female human, no way I can drag my male human... He needs to be comfy, he is worse than me!!! woof woof
    I will come with you next time, can I?
    Ciao Lucille

  6. Wow what a lovely spot!!! I love to be outdoorsy too, so does mum, but not D-Guy... he likes indoorsy with xbox and ps3 and compooters....

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade