23 September 2010

{23sept2010: camping and anniversary}

More camping pictures!  If you missed the first half of camping, check it out here.
On Thursday our other friends came out and joined us with their 8month old baby girl for her first camping trip.
Darwin had to check her out.

They also brought their dogs Torch and Oso.

The baby was an amazing camper.  She enjoyed the dogs, the fire, the people, the tents.  But I don't know if she enjoyed the outdoors as much as Darwin did who sucked it all up as much as she could.

Darwin enjoyed camping so much that on Friday when it was time to pack up and go (we had to get home before Saturday morning college football kickoff) she did not want to leave.  As everyone packed up the cars and was ready to go, we found Darwin laying in the dirt at the campsite holding her ground.  We got her up and let her take one last drink from the lake before corralling her into the car.

As much energy as she had trying to stay at the campsite, she was also that tired and kept falling asleep in the car.

The drive down the mountain we had an even better view of Mount Rainer.

On our way home we stopped to get breakfast at a great little place in Black Diamond and I also got Darwin her first ice cream cone to make up for pulling her away from camping.

And that was our last camping trip of the year.  Hopefully we'll get more in next year.

On a completely unrelated note, one year ago today we started this blog for Darwin, all thanks to our first blog buddy, Moose!
To celebrate I thought we should pass on a book we won from Stella, which if you remember is written by the holistic vet we are now taking Darwin to.
It's an interesting read about holistic medicine/treatment for animals, especially if you don't know much about it.  
If you want to be in the drawing for the book let us know in a comment and we'll pick a name this weekend!


  1. Yeah I want holistic meds book!

  2. happy blogiversary!
    i loooove all those camping pictures, the place looks gorgeous!!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by today - we are following you back - Darwin is such a cutie!! Thank you for sharing about the names - I love it!!

  4. Happy Anniversay! I am so happy that you are my friend....I love all the pics today!

  5. Ohhh...that pictrure of Darwin's head profile is just divine! Her eyes look so beautiful - what a gorgeous shot!


  6. What pawesome and inkhredible pikhs!

    Khongrats on the FURST BLOGAVERSARY!!!

    Here's to many many more!


  7. I love how Darwin tried to just stay behind as everyone was packing up. Sounds like something I would try. Such great pics, it looks like the last camping trip of the season was a hit. Happy blogoversary!!

  8. Yeah for ice cream. My aunt & uncle hiked Mount Rainer , when are you hiking it Darwin?

    woof - Tucker

  9. ICE CREAM! Did you get to eat the cone? I sure hope so.

    Count me in for the book contest. I always like to learn new stuff.


  10. Happy Blogversary!

    we saw you on Miss Sunshades bloggie so thought we would drop in.

    The camping trip looks absolutely brillo darwin cetainly seems to like camping. The photos of the mountain are fabulous.

    We all like contests so count us in!

    Nice to meet Darwin and we'll paw by again.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx