27 May 2010

{26may2010: slacker}

Man. I've been slacking on the blog.  I was hoping to blog once we got the consultation report from the neurologist (he was going to do more research and email me), but it still hasn't come so for now I'll just say this, GRRR.
We had our appointment on Monday and on the drive there it hit me.  I FORGOT TO PICK UP HER XRAYS.  OI.  Instead of having the vet courier it to the neurologist I thought, I can pick it up no problem.  No problem if I remembered.   Problem when I totally blank on doing it.  We called to see if we should postpone our appointment since I didn't have the xrays, and they said they can exam her without the xrays.  
We get there and take a seat on a couch while we wait in the lobby and Darwin decides to make herself comfy too.
Having just her butt on the couch wasn't comfy enough, so she hopped right up and found a good position.
See that lady in the backround?  She couldn't help but laugh at Darwin making herself at home on the couch.
So we go in the exam room and Dr. Sanders checks Darwin out.   We told him about her gimpy butt and her incontinence and what the new xrays showed.  From what he could tell from his exam and the MRI's they did in March he still doesn't think it's a neurological issue, but it could be an orthopedic issue due to excessive bone growth in her lower back.  He was going to send for her new xrays and look them over with the ortho guy and do some research.  We also got sent home with Gabapentin which Darwin has to take for two weeks.
So she started the Gabapentin Monday night, two pills every 12 hours.  She got two more Tuesday with her breakfast before we went to work.  We come home from work and that familiar unwelcoming smell was floating in the lobby area.  UGH. 
The hallway was covered in poop.  COVERED.  Jason took her out for a walk while I cleaned.  There was even diarrhea on her bed.... poor girl.  I Googled Gabapentin to see its side effects and I couldn't find diarrhea as one, so I called SVS to see if we should stop giving her the drugs.  They said the diarrhea is probably unrelated to the Gapapentin and to keep giving it to her, but to give her a bland diet for a few days (rice and chicken).  So while I felt bad for her stomach issues (and me having to clean it again) she was quite the happy camper having rice and chicken for dinner.
Darwin LOVES rice. If she hears one of us in the kitchen making rice she is right there. If she hears the rice cooker button pop up when done she is right there. I think she is faking the stomach ache just so she can get rice more often. 

If you look carefully you can see rice on her nose and stuck on her lip.

So our adventures with Darwin's ailment continues.  I did ask Dr. Sanders about accupuncture and chiropractic care, and he said he wouldn't recommend chiropractic treatment for her as it may stress her out, but accupuncture may be a way to go.  He said there is a vet,
Dr. Donna Kelleher , who is a nutritionist and holistic vet that he may recommend us to, but she has a long wait list and there are other vets.  He said if Darwin were his dog though he'd wait to see her.  
It's funny because shortly after we started Darwin's blog I had won a book from Stella for her third birthday called The Last Chance Dog and it's written by Dr. Kelleher.

I've put off reading it in favor of other books, but now I feel motivated to read it and see if a more holistic approach would be beneficial to Darwin. 


  1. Oh, I can SO relate to the dia-poo. Several years ago I adopted a dog that had Giardia. One of the treats about that little bugger was that it would transfer from dog to dog. At the time I had three so no sooner did I get one dog healthy and the next would start in with the dia-poo. I clearly recall being on my hands and knees cleaning up what must have felt like my millionth pile of ick on my carpeting (new) and I'd hear that familiar sound - ppfffftttt. I'd begin to cry, really, cry because it had been over two months of cleaning and medicine and sick dogs. When that darned illness was finally over I was exhausted.

    I'm sending loads of tender thoughts for all of us. I know what it's like to have a dog with back issues having had GSDs in my life and home for decades. It is so worry-some and, yes, costly.

  2. Poor little girl....I hope everything gets better real soon!

  3. Hi Darwin and mom,

    First of all, I'm sorry you (Darwin) had diarrhea, and I'm also sorry you (mommy) had to clean. My mum has had to clean up after STINKY a few times, and its definitely not fun.

    Second of all, when I went deaf because of the tire popping incident couple weeks ago, mum brushed her teeth with her face wash, and she tried to cook kibbles in our rice cooker. So we know why you (mommy) forgot the x-rays. Hopefully soon, you won't have anything to worry about.

    Thirdly, I really really hope Darwin's back issue gets better, or at least get a firm diagnosis. Could her incontinence be spay incontinence instead of neuro origin?

    I was raised on a very poor quality kibble when I was growing up because my mum knew nothing about dogs, nevermind dog nutrition. Then I injured my elbow at 7 months of age from an agility accident (again, mum didn't know better...). The elbow was permanently injured, and it was always lame. People thought I was 14 when I was only 1.... we tried a lot of the conventional drugs to no avil. That's when mum started learning about nutrition and holistic/alternative therapy. We changed my diet to raw, and started acupuncture, chiropratic adjustments, homeopathy, hydrotherapy. Slowly my quality of life came back, I had stopped limping on my elbow even tho the problem was still there. People started to tell mum how great I looked. Now at 10, I am having more issues, but still I look better than I did at 1. STINKY (the really annoying one you sometimes see on my blog), is my biological nephew. He is my litter brother's son, and because mum had learned so much from all my problems, he was raised on the right diet with holistic veterinary care, and he's a healthy 3 year old without any problems (physical problems that is, can't say about mental).

    Your mom is way ahead of my mum when she started, so I'm sure you will be better in no time!!

    BTW, my holistic vet (isn't against conventional therapy when needed) told mum we could try Gabapentin too with my neuro issues. Mum said we would give the vet-stem a try before the Gaba. Please let us know if it makes you feel all better!

    ps. we were in Redmond last weekend, but we saw no gorgeous blue dane???? We even went to a different Pike Place market, and still no blue dane?

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  4. Yes, Remi is also on the 'bland' diet. He's been getting chicken and rice off and on for the past 2 months. He also gets pumpkin for his poop and probotics. Hopefully someday I'll be able to use that new pooper scooper... Hope Dar feels better soon!

  5. I noticed the rice straightaway!

    Paws khrossed fur things to stabilise all the way through!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. Wow, what a long, drawn out process. I hope they figure this out soon so she can get back to her regular routine.

  7. Poor Darwin, I really hope her ouchies get figured out soon. Darwin's lucky to have a Momma that cares and doesn't panic. My Momma cares but freaks out if I breathe funny. Sigh.

    woof - Tucker

  8. Oh it just never ends. How awful for everybody. All those medicines and then the blasting bottom. I will keep you in my thoughts.


  9. poor darwin! i hope you guys find out what's going on!!! so cute darwin on the couch at the vet. :)

  10. Oh dear - poor Darwin - and poor you - the saga really does continue!! It's awful how everytime you take her to see a specialist, you never get a straight answer - but MORE tests and MORE waiting!

    And I really feel for you having to clean up the messes. I've never had to clean up diarrhoea - only vomit - and that was bad enough!! :-)


  11. Oh, Darwin! You just HAVE to get feeling better! Please?!? I'll say extra prayers for you - ok?
    Tons of love,
    PS: Mom sends "poor Brooke"s about the poop-cleaning. She knows how unpleasant that is! :(