13 February 2010

{12feb2010: thank you!}

You seriously "meet" the nicest people here in blogland.  Over on my personal blog (that I don't update often enough) I have a list of goals I hope to accomplish before turning 30... giving me 2.5 more months to finish.  Anyway, Baby Rocket and Hootie's mom, Cassie, found my personal blog and my list and saw that one of my goals is to knit a scarf.  She had a simple scarf knitting kit that she's never used and offered to send it to me to help me cross one more thing off my list!  How sweet is that?!
Cassie and the dogs also sent over a toy for Darwin!  Even sweeter! 
Darwin will love her new toy and hopefully soon I'll have a new scarf!  
Thanks again to Cassie and Hootie and Baby Rocket!


  1. Yep, aren't blog buddies the best! :)

    Nala & Amber

  2. We do, we do meet the nicest people in our blog word. Baby Rocket and Hootie (and of course mom) are too sweet and thoughtful.

  3. Wow! Darwin is as big as you and so beautiful! Isn't it crazy how fast puppyhood goes!? So gorgeous.

  4. Darwin is growing into a fine young lady - she must be very happy!!

  5. How cool is that? If you run into any trouble with the knitting - let us know. My wife is a big knitter and she'd be happy to help you via skype if you need it. Have fun!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Darwin, you are so cute! :)

    Looks like your friends sent you some fun stuff! Hope your mom can complete everything on her list!


  7. Glad you liked the 'stuff'! Sure hope your mommy gets her list finished. Now our mom wants to start a "bucket list". Let's hope she has a few years to get that done. BOL!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie