02 October 2010

{01oct2010: flashback Friday}

Can you believe it's already October?!  This year is flying by!
Darwin is hosting her first slumber party this weekend.  Her bff Friday is staying with us a couple of days.  
Friday was not a fan of tiny puppy Darwin.  We tried to hold an introductory meeting when Darwin was a month old to no avail.
Now that Darwin's older (and bigger) Friday doesn't reel away from her, but still is unsure of Darwin's crazy puppy antics.  It's understandable because really, could you see Hilary Clinton and Paris Hilton partying together?


  1. You were SOOOO cute when you were little!

    I'm havin my first sleepover this weekend too. Mom is at work today...unsure of whether or not the house is still going to be standing when she gets home! BOL!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Oh my goodness. He was so little!! He must have stayed that little for like what a day.:)

  3. I can't believe how little Darwin was. Miss M also gets angry at puppies; maybe because they steal her thunder? I'm sure with Darwin so big now, there's no getting mad at her.

  4. Oh what fun all of woo will have this weekend!


  5. OH MY GOD - I really can't believe Darwin was ever that small!!!!! :-)

    Have a great time this weekend!


  6. What fun to have a sleep over with your bff. I bet Remi would love it if Memphis visited for a while, but we don't have the room. :(

  7. LOL loved Friday's facial expression in those pictures, she looked like she had seen an alien or something.

    Darwin was soooooo small and so cute, I can't believe it (the small part)!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  8. Oh, DARWIN!!! Look at how TINY you were!!!
    I hope you and Friday have a wonderful time!

  9. Puppies can be a bit disconcerting. They are small and move fast and kind of disrespectful. Hope the slumber party goes OK now that you are a big girl.


  10. Your dogs are so beautiful!! Thanks for the vegan suggestions :) I can't imagine doing this for a few years - your boyfriend must be more strong willed than I am! Being a vegetarian is natural for me, but I need cheese :) lol

  11. Oh Darwin, your cuteness is too much. I luvs flashback fridays, especially video ones. Do you have a video one you can show us soon? I luvs watching Dane puppies runnin'.

    woof - Tucker