11 November 2010

{10nov2010: not so wordless Wednesday}

Who stole (or attempted to steal) the cookie from the cookie jar (or mail) edition.
A few days before Halloween, Jason's mom emailed to let us know she had put something in the mail for Darwin and to be on the lookout for it.  After work on Friday a few of us went out for a drink before heading home.  When Darwin and I arrived home we were walking up the stairs from the garage where Darwin noticed a cookie piece on the stair.  I thought to myself, what slobs!  As we got to our floor I saw a big envelope on the stairs going up, and thought, what is wrong with people?!  We got inside and I went to check the mail and realized Darwin should've got her package.  I went back to the stairs and sure enough, Darwin's package had been opened and left on the stair.  I was pissed.  I'm guessing someone opened the package, saw cookies, broke off a piece and was about to bite into it, when they read the card that said dog cookies for Darwin and spit it out and threw it all on the floor.  

If you click on the picture and look at it full size you can see teeth marks on the pink cookie.

I brought the remaining cookie and cookie piece inside and put it on the counter.  Darwin soon realized there was a cookie on the counter and wanted it.  She could care less about someone trying to steal her mail.

Please excuse the blurry picture as someone was quite eager to eat her treat.
Darwin can be such a dainty eater... especially with cookies.  She's not one to gobble up her treat, but she savors each lick and bite, making sure to fully enjoy her treat.

Oh and good job Remi who was the first to guess Juneau's costume!  She was a happy tree and her mom was Bob Ross!


  1. That was terrible someone taking your present! I am happy you got to enjoy your cookie.

  2. Yum!!!

    Khongrats to Remi and to Juneau!

    It was furry khlever!


  3. Your neighbors eat your mail? That is absurd! I had a dream the other night that I was going to Seattle...and I met Darwin!

  4. That is so crazy that someone tried to steal her cookie, heck they probably taste better than most human cookies :)

    Haylie is dainty eater too :)

  5. Really? Really? Who eats someone else's cookie? What is wrong with some people?

    Though I guess Darwin got the last laugh. I'm glad she got to enjoy her treat!

  6. That's what people get for stealing. Maybe next time Jason' mom can send something labeled on the outside 'Homemade Tootsie Rolls' (aka kat turds). Gross, I know, but maybe that would teach them for good!

    For some reason, Remi is not a fan of iced cookies. But he'll gobble up the naked ones.

  7. good for that person! if only they actually ate it then realized what they ate!!! the nerve of people these days!!!

  8. OMD..someone trying to eat your cookie thats dispicable!

    Pleased you got to eat them...looked daleicious.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  9. WTF? how rude. I'd be PO'd! i can't believe people these days.

    dainty darwin... has a nice ring to it!

  10. Well, anyone who would steal from his neighbors - and especially such a beautiful girl - is certainly going to get coal in his stocking for Christmas! Makes one wonder what else he has stolen. Time for a P.O. Box, perhaps?

    Jed & Abby

  11. Some of those dog cookies are pretty nommy, you know. Momma fed a few to the uber geeks at work once and they didn't even notice.


  12. I can't believe someone tried to steal your cookies!!! Isn't opening mail a federal offense?
    Want me and Zim come beat someone up? Oh... wait. We're not the tough ones in the family. How 'bout we send Ammy?