19 November 2010

{18nov2010: Sally the Camel}

Jason was in Dubai and Oman for a work trip and to make up for the week and a half he was gone, he brought back a gift for Darwin.  His suitcase out in the living room when he got home and Darwin kept shoving her nose in it trying to find what was in there for her.  After nosing around, Jason pulled out a camel!  (When I think of camels, the first thing that comes to mind is Barney's song, Sally the Camel, why? I don't know.)

I'm usually not a fan of buying new stuffed things for Dar as she's gotten in the habit of destuffing them (usually in 24 hours).
Once she got her gift, she quickly started gnawing on her ear and tail.

Amazingly it's been over a week and Sally the Camel is still stuffed!


  1. I love the camel and that is very impressive its still alive after 24 hours!! Haylie destuffs within mins :(

  2. Maybe she knows how special it is and that it made a long journey. I love that it is actually a camel toy. Was it made for dogs? Or just a stuffed toy?

  3. Hey, that looks like a really fun camel, Darwin! I've never seen a green one before - this one must be VERY special!
    May I say, as a trained professional Guide Dog for the Color Blind, that green is a great color on you!

  4. yay for sally the camel! ollie tears into toys so fast i often wonder how long toys last w/regular and big sized dogs!

    i love that last pic!

  5. Get that camel girl!!! I love to destuff the stuffies too but I usually wait a little bit before I destroy them.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  6. Yay Darwin! Now that's how you play nicely with your new toys. She could teach my Shiva a couple things.

    Alice the camel has five humps... So go Alice go, boom boom boom

  7. Darwin sure alerted on that camel! Maybe it is the exotic smells of the material and/or stuffings? Maybe it's better made and harder to rip apart than most dog stuffies? We're glad she's taking her time to thoroughly enjoy her new stuffie.

    Jed & Abby

  8. Wow! Amazing. Yeah. Remi is in that destuffing stage, too. Unfortunately, he started destuffing our leather couch. Hooray for slip covers!

  9. Oooih - love your new camel, Darwin!! Just love the green colour! My human just stuffs all the stuffing back into the hole after I have destuffed the stuffie! :-) (*now say that sentence again quickly - ha!)

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. Looks like his enjoying his Camel buddy. Poor camel he was loved by his dog friend that he was bitten.

  11. I love your title, "Evolution of Darwin". It seems that you really trained him that's why he evolved like that.