09 November 2010

{08nov2010: prizes}

As you may recall, Darwin won Augie and Ti's Halloween costume contest.   Well the prizes arrived the Friday before Halloween and boy were we surprised!

Such a big box!
Since it was dog day Friday in our office (as all Friday's are) Darwin was there and was so excited to see what was in the box.

Of course since we were celebrating Halloween in the office Darwin had to come in her winning costume.

Once she got in the box we could see it was filled with lots of fun things!

A stuffed spikey ball!

A super cute abominable snowman (which has since been destuffed)!

Look at all these goodies (the warthog has also been destuffed)!
They even sent a cute Halloween card with it all.
Thank you so much Augie and Ti!  Darwin loves all her new toys!!
Since we were celebrating Halloween, here's my last minute costume idea.
I was a crazy old cat lady.  I really should've dressed Darwin up as a cat.
And here's Darwin's bff Juneau who was also in the office (we usually only are allowed one dog in the office at a time, but our boss let us bring both dogs in since it was a party day).
Can anyone guess who they were dressed up as?

Oh and a lot of you asked about Darwin's last Wordless Wednesday post.  We're still (and I think always will be) treating her for her back problems she developed in February/March.  We go to see our holistic vet every 5 weeks or so for acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  She says to get the energy flowing even more it's better to use electro-acupuncture so she hooks a few needles up to a little battery box.  It's like a mini set of jumper cables.  Darwin's got a lot better about relaxing when we go in for her appointments, while she won't sleep as some other dogs do, she does lay there and is pretty tolerant of it all.  Dr. Kelleher tries to leave the needles in as long as possible, usually 10-15 minutes, and she'll do the electro-acupuncture for at least 5-10 minutes.  It's amazing how it helps Darwin, and Darwin seems to know it too.


  1. Wow Darwin you cleaned up in the prezzie dept :) I love your moms costume , makes me laugh!!

  2. Great costumes! You certainly got a lot of nice presents! ENJOY!

  3. such cute prizes! love the abominable snowman!

    looove your costume!

  4. Ha! Looks like Juneau is a 'happy tree' painted by Bob Ross. Funny! No wonder you have more energy now. You get recharged every few weeks! Glad its working for you!

  5. Great pressies!
    Great khostumes!

    Great khomments: Remi's khrakhked us up!


  6. I wish we had dog day Fridays. How does she get along with the other dogs? And I love that photo of her sitting nicely on the blanket with all the toys lined up.

  7. Congratulations on the big win! I wish I could bring my dog to work with me.

    Or maybe not as I'd probably get nothing done.

    Darwin may be the cutest Great Dane I have ever seen. I just want to give him a hug.

  8. great loot Darwin! haha! the vet said hair loss in patches is seen in stressful situations especially in sensitive breeds. the pigment change is the remarkable part, but there is a name for the phenomenom but i can't remember it

  9. The painter guy who likes to draw those happy little trees...I can't recall his name.

    Congratulations on the presents!


  10. Absolutely brilliant costume!

    Congratulations on your win...brilliant prize.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  11. Hi Darwin - sorry I haven't been visiting much lately - it's hard to get my human to help me 'coz all her free time is going on her novel for NaNoWriMo!

    Anyway - wow - what a fantastic prize package!! Although I think you really deserved it - I LOVED your costume! :-)

    And great to hear that your acupuncture is helping your back ouchie!

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. What great prizes you won Darwin!! I'm so jealous and I love your costume. I must have missed your post about your back but I'm going to read about it.

    By the way mom wants to know what kind of office your mom works in that they let you bring you to work with her...how cool is that!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  13. Those are great pictures! So happy Darwin enjoyed her prizes! Thanks for playing--it was a fun contest~~ Look for our upcoming holiday contest!

  14. What FUN presents!!! I would love to help you de-stuff everything! :)