13 November 2010

{12nov2010: Flashback Friday}

The next series of flashback Friday's are going way back.  I was looking through old pictures from last year trying to find something for work and I went through a bunch of folders with pictures of Darwin... back to when we first fostered her and her sisters and brother (we fostered 4 out of 17).  It's amazing how tiny she used to be.
Her she is from a few weeks old til she was two months old.

First go at solid food.  We had 4 filthy puppies we cleaned in the kitchen sink in the office.  hahaha.

Darwin and her favorite brother, Boo Radley!
Even from a young age and before she even knew him, she knew she wanted to impress Mango.
Her most favorite toy.  He hasn't been destuffed, but she did chew off his ear.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Good thing Mango RH will have all weekend to rekhover from THAT pikh!

    What great pikhs!

    Thanks so much fur the SKWEEEEEES!


  2. Oh my God, she was SUCH a cutie!!!! Look at that face! And yes - always hard to believe when we look at our grown Danes how small they were...

    I'm sorry but I never actually knew - why did you foster some of the Dane pups??


  3. Oh my god. I'm in love. What cute puppers. In that first picture she looks like a little squirrel or something. :)

  4. Awwww. What a sweetie! It must have been difficult keeping just one and not all of them!

  5. Oh my goodness, it's hard to believe she was so tiny. Great Dane puppies are adorable!

  6. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow (and how big!!)

  7. I can't believe how tiny she is in that first photo; she looks as small as a guinea pig. And I can't believe you had 4 puppies. How unbelievably cute-- but probably a lot of work.

  8. It doesn't get much cuter than that. :) I enjoyed catching up on your last few posts...nice crazy cat lady costume! ;)

    Nala & Amber

  9. What an adorable little huzzy. I like you better all grown up, though. No sharp teeth.


  10. WHAT! No "cute alert" first! Shame on you! ha ha. They are soooo precious!

  11. Who doesnt love puppy pictures but oh my gosh she was adorable!!! How sweet and what a pretty girl she has turned out to be.

  12. TOTAL cuteness!!!!!! Oh, how I adore puppies!!!!!
    Tail wags,