02 November 2010

{01nov2010: Engergizer Bunny}

As many of you saw, I got Darwin a hula girl costume for Halloween.  I've realized though, she really should have been the Energizer Bunny.

Yesterday I dressed her up in her costume and we headed to the dog park.  

She got a ton of attention.  I was surprised there weren't more dogs dressed up, but there were only a handful, and Darwin's costume got the most attention.

As soon as we walked in we saw one of our Dane friends we haven't seen in a while, Beddis.  He now has a new 7month old Fawnequin sister, Rooney.

Her mom is a Merle and her dad is a Fawnequin, so you can see a bit of Merle in her face and a lot of Fawnequin on her body.

We met up with the rest of the Dane group and we also met a new girl, Wednesday.

Too bad Friday wasn't with us this time as I think those two would've hit it off!

We were there for about an hour and a half and Darwin was starting to get gimpy, so we were headed to the parking lot, when we ran into Boo Radley and Gino, and Gino's brother Seamus!  Sibling reunion!  We had just missed Kona, which would've been an even bigger reunion!

Darwin and Boo even ganged up and stole another dog's toy.
{woo hoo, my toy!}
{no it's my toy!}
{ummm hey guys, can i have my toy back?}
We gave the other dog back his ball and as we said our goodbyes and split off from the others, Darwin decided she wanted to stay with her brother and instead of following me to the parking lot, followed Boo.  With this second round of energy we ended up staying another hour (that's 2.5 hours at the park for Ms Gimpy Butt).
I finally convinced her it was time to leave, so we headed home where she got a bath.  It was a surprisingly nice day out so she got her raw bone out on the deck so she could clean her teeth and dry off.
After a round of bone gnawing, Darwin proceeded to destuff my cat toys (I was a crazy cat lady for Halloween and picked up a bunch of cats at Goodwill).

Of course she started with the eyeballs.
Finally at around 7 or 8 she decided she was ready to sleep.
Of course that only lasted a little while before she was back off the couch and destuffing the cats more and gnawing on her bones.  I'm not sure if it's just her being super high energy, or if she's restless cause her dad is out of town.  I'm guessing it's a little of both.


  1. Oh no! Something must be wrong in Blogland! I can't see any of your pictures!

  2. Darwin's thoughts--"Me like kitty cats!"

    Darwin looks so cute in that hula skirt. I can't believe there weren't any other dogs dressed up. What a bunch of party pewpers.

  3. what a cute hula girl you make! Looks like you had a wonderful day...that fawnequin pup sure is a beauty!

    Mom noticed your beautiful nails! She is anal about mine and I get a stupid pedicure every Sunday whether I like it or not. If your Mom hasn't tried it, a dremel might be very helpful in keeping your nails short. I like it better than actual trimming cuz it doesn't put as much pressure on our big thick nails. Just sumthin to consider! :)

    wags, wiggles & Slobbers

  4. I can't believe she was able to romp around in her costume; and she was the prettiest one at the park! Maybe she got into the Halloween candy and is on a sugar high?

  5. Oh Darwin - I think your costume is just GORGEOUS!!! I usually think us big doggies look silly in costume but in your case, it's perfect! Looks like you had an awesome fun day!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. What a great khollekhtion of pikhs!

    So many khool furiends fur the beaWOOtiful HulaGirl to RUN with!


  7. Her costume was adorable and great idea for the big dogs!

    I love her on the couch covered up in that one picture - too funny!

    Glad the dane meet up went well and everyone had a good time!

  8. Hey, maybe yous is overtired? My Momma uses my eyeballs to tell how tired I am. The redness and the droopiness lets her know. Somestimes I don't know when to stop.

    I'm with Murphy on the dremel tool things. Momma and Dad do mine every 2 weeks. It doesn't hurt like the clippers and I gets lotsa treats.

    woof - Tucker

  9. Oh Darwin, a hula girl...how great! You looked so cute and even more impressive is that you kept it on while playing at the park.


  10. You sure made a purty Hula Girl!! What a fun time you had with all those other danes at the park.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  11. You were very lovely in your halloween outfit. I bet the other dogs were just intimidated by how good you looked and didn't want to show off any inferior costumes.


  12. You look so CUTE in your hula skirt! I've never heard of a Fawnequin or seen one! Isn't she pretty!!! (Not as pretty as you - you're the prettiest Dane I've EVER seen!!!)
    I'll bet you had so much fun!!!