13 January 2011

{13jan2010: Bad Sport}

It's the third annual Mango Minster and Darwin is throwing her hat in the ring as a Bad Sport!  Sure she could've gone for the Shamelss Dog and Doggie Diva category as she is a Diva.
{of course my shoes match my collar.  make sure you get me from my good side!}

But her Diva ways puts her in the Bad Sport group.

Darwin has been our baby from when she was five days old.

That probably is a good reason she is so people oriented.  It also means she's very selfish with our attention or anyone's attention for that matter.  
{I was getting pets first!  I dont care if it is your mom Juneau!}

{I said get your face out of here!!!}

If we see a cute dog and try to pet it and say hi... Miss Jealous will remind you and everyone around that only SHE gets petted!  

(woah, that's a scary picture!)
And forget it if another dog jumps up on me!  Only she's allowed to do any jumping.

Darwin lives by the saying, "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine".

{that's my ball, thank you very much}


{oh yea, all mine}
{Boo, I don't care if you say this is yours, it's really mine}

{yes Boo, this one too. mine}
{can i fit three tennis balls in my mouth?  i dont know but i'll try cause they are all mine}

{size doesn't matter, cause this toy of yours, is mine}
{Boo this is not yours, it's this guys, but still its mine}
She's like those sea gulls on Finding Nemo.  "Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine."

And of course what's hers will get destuffed.

Darwin's a great dog, but she sure does have her bad sport moments!
{i hate you all}

If you want to join in the fun that is Mango Minster, check out the rules here!


  1. OMD, that is so funny. i woulda NEVER guessed she was such a bad sport! that's too cute aobut the mine, mine mine! i can just see her. she's such a bad-dy!

    on another note, i tried your chicken recipe. click on over to see how it came out!

    ps. my comment word is "thaltless!" LOL... kinda like Miss Darwin, the Bad Sport, huh?

  2. Miss Darwin,
    You are indeed a very bad sport. Good for you!


  3. BOL!! Bad sport :) I can see it in her eyes- MINE! Good one!

  4. Funny stuff!! You really don't realize how big she is until you look at that first picture. I love the tennis ball one!

  5. Diva and a bad sport, whoda thunk it? Darwin, it's a good thing you're so darn good looking!

  6. It's hard to think of her as being a bad sport. Though, she does look kind of fierce in some of those photos.

  7. It takes a big dog to step up to the plate and admit she is bad! Our hats are off to you, Darwin! Although it sounds to us more like you're in your toddler phase, rather than you're actually being a bad dog. We'd wish you good luck, but as the only entrant into this category as we write this, it seems superfluous.

    Jed & Abby

  8. Wow, I can't believe you can get 3 tennis balls in your mouth at the same time. That is some feat.

    Nice to meet your Darwin.

  9. Oh Darwin you are a bad sport, lol. Do you happen to push your hoomans with your feets when you don't want them on your couch? I do that sometimes.

    woof - Tucker

  10. Oh, you aren't a bad sport -- just misunderstood....but good luck in the contest!

  11. this is hilarious! ollie is like that too. mine mine mine!

  12. LOL. Darwin is a shoe-in for sure! Those photos of her trying to push the other dog out of the way so she can get more pets is hilarious. Good luck with the contest!

  13. Great entry! I prefer bribes that can be eaten quickly before my sister steals them from me. Just saying... ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, Bad Sport Judge, MangoMinster 2011