07 January 2011

{06jan2011: ketchup}

I was going to fill you in on our trip, but there's so many other things to catch up on.  I'm a few weeks behind!

Before we went on vacation we celebrated Christmas with Darwin's bff at their houseboat.  Before dinner we did some gift exchanging.  Really the dogs couldn't wait to get into Darwin's gift from Friday.  Almost as soon as we walked in Darwin grabbed her gift and started to dig in.

She got rawhide bones which kept her busy most of the night.  But I think the best part of the git was the bag the bones came in.  It's a cheap brain toy for Darwin.  We've been putting cookies in the bag and she has to work to try and get it out.   
After dinner Bb showed of Robin's new toy and challenged Jason to a game of air hokey.  Friday made sure she supervised their shenanigans. 

{supervising is hard work}

Both dogs (and all the people) were pretty pooped so we called it a night.

Darwin's felt brain game bag is surprisingly still in one piece so it's still testing her smarts!


  1. Aww, both dogs are so cute. I'm impressed that Darwin hasn't destroyed her bag yet - she's such a well-behaved doggie compared to my Remi. :-)

  2. Darwin,
    you are a good girl, not a destroyer like me..!!
    This is better, so you get to keep your toys for longer ;)
    I am also happy to see you are allowing other doggies in your house... you are very gentle and polite...
    I invited doggies in my garden, but not yet in my house... Need to try, well I would try, it is my humans that have not had been brave to try...!!!
    Ciao Lucille

  3. I love the last pikh!

    So khomfy!


  4. I had to laugh at all those background pictures of Darwin sitting like a real person on the couch, and lounging falling off.