11 January 2011

{10jan2011: Christmas goodies}

Darwin made out well this Christmas.  Besides the free treats from All The Best that I regifted and wrapped, Darwin got a lot of other great goodies.

Since we were going on vacation and would be missing Christmas day with Darwin, we opened gifts early (as early as I would let Jason) and Darwin had a hand (or mouth) at opening her own gifts.
Remi sent her a package she couldn't wait to get into.

{bully sticks!!! my favorite (that my mom and dad don't even get for me)!!!}

Thanks Remi!
Yes, we're awful mean doggy parents and don't buy Darwin bully sticks very often, but we can't handle the stink!  We're going to have to try the stink free ones Twinkie recommended.  

While we were visiting Jason's family Darwin got more gifts from her grandparents.
Her own personalized tote bag and pillow.  I love the tote bag I must say.

Starbarks!  So cute!  And it barks!  Well, it used to bark until Darwin de-barked it.  
We had a white elephant gift exchange and I won Rudolph the red nosed reindeer for Darwin.  Instead of hard plastic eyes, he had a hard plastic nose, and now Rudolph is the noseless reindeer.
We thought Christmas was past, but last week Darwin received another gift, this time from Remi's sister, Nala!
And look at the goodies!  Another bully stick!  And a flying squirrel!
Thanks Nala!
All the bully sticks have been consumed and 90% of the stuffed toys have been at least partly destuffed.  The squirrel is the last toy standing!


  1. Excellent haul, Darwin! Good thing Santa was finished with Rudolph for this Christmas.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Wow, Santa's bag must have been pretty empty after he left your house. Best wishes.

  3. starbarks! i love it! hahaha.
    ollie loooves bully sticks too. they really do stink!

  4. Great pressies Darwin. Looks like you had fun, fun, fun. No worries, love Carol.

  5. Wow..Darwin you certainly got some great prezzies!

    Big nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx